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  • Backwoods Mail Order Company Case Study

    Backwoods Mail Order Company is having problems in their customer service department as well as in the packing and shipping department. These departments employee around 80 individuals that work in both departments combined and these employee have not be properly trained in the problem areas. The company says that training all 80 employees at once is not prohibited, but they could break the training into different classes over several days. No matter how the company decides to set the training…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Listening In Interpersonal Communication

    Salem-Wiseman, 2015, p.113 ). Being an active listener makes the speaker feel that the listener is interested in him/her and he/she feels…

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  • Advantages Of Listening And Note Taking

    This method is used primarily if the lecture is heavy and is also well organized. The Mapping Method is a graphic representation of the lecture.This method of note taking can maximize active participation in the lecture. Like most note taking systems, there are advantages and disadvantages. A few of the advantages are the allowance to visually track a lecture regardless of the situation or condition. The disadvantages are that the student…

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  • Reflective Essay On Active Listening

    “do they know what it takes to be an active listener?” Before entering Counseling Theory and Process, I was exceedingly confident in my ability to be an active listener, hence my interest in becoming a counselor, little did I know, there was an abundant amount of information to be learned. Furthermore, there was so much more knowledge to consume about other people, the counseling process, and the development of my own professional identity in general. Active listening is a powerful…

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  • What Are Your Three Most Important Reasons For Wanting To Be A Teacher?

    What are your three (3) most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher? Being a teacher is the without doubt the hardest work I have ever done, but no other type of job has ever given me as much satisfaction. Helping my students to comprehend the science behind this world we live in and watching their critical thinking skills grow warms my heart. I think teachers play a critical role in society in these rapidly changings times, a basic comprehension of scientific method is crucial to the…

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  • The Importance Of Classroom Organization In Education

    • Classroom Organization (routines, schedules, transitions, warnings) (6 Points) o Classroom organization is a huge part to a child’s behavioral issues. When a child is unsure about routines, transitions, and warnings, they may misbehave.  Having a routine and schedule for a classroom will also children to know when certain things will happen throughout the day. For an example they understand that snack time is after large group, or outside time is at the end of the day. When children are…

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  • Personal Reflection On Trudy: My Summer Session

    I asked Trudy an open question, “Tell me what’s been going on lately?”. This open question allowed me to get a lot of information on how Trudy was feeling about school and her social life. While she was talking, I was practicing my attending and active listening skills. I made it appoint to show her that I was giving her al my attention. Once and while I was say “ok” or nod my head. The entire time she talked I made it a point to give her eye contact. However, when I would talk to her I would…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 8 Paper

    different locations, they want their network to function as though it is in the same building and location. To facilitate this, server editions based off Windows Server 2012 will be implemented. Domain Name Systems (DNS), Domain Controllers (DC), Active Directory (AD), file sharing, and print sharing are all requested additions to this unified network solution. In addition to the network requirements, a brief overview of labor and scheduling will be discussed in the Overview section so…

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  • Student Retention Limitations

    grasp on the benefits of active learning and freshman seminar on retention, more evaluations and longer time frames are needed (Dabbour, 1997; Howard & Jones, 2000; Black et al., 2016). Only having a few weeks, it’s hard to determine which factors are actually having an effect. For the freshman seminar courses, Howard and Jones (2000) and Black et al. (2016) found that for a more accurate representation of retention, further research should be done on individual majors. Active learning and…

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  • Directive Feedback Reflection

    him what it was about, and he discussed the details of the event (active listening). As we walk to class, I mentioned my progress on a research project I have for my major. He mentioned that as a chemistry major, he did not have to do senior research, as I do, just a presentation. I asked him what his presentation was about, and he replies “organometallics”. I asked him what it is about the compounds he finds interesting (active listening), and he describes the unusual chemistry associated with…

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