The Importance Of Written And Oral Communication

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“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges” a quote from Joyce Meyers, which emphasizes the idea of success having different meanings to each individual. Success at this point of the semester is determined by the books being read and how they are interpreted, which demonstrates the difference between Seminar I to II because of the texts style and how the class is formatted to reach a higher understanding through: shared inquiry, critical thinking, and written and oral communication. From these three categories I was able to find my strengths and weaknesses, specifically from the goals of participating in active listening and getting others involved in discussions in a polite manner, by asking interpretive and evaluative questions about the readings and discovering the underlying thought and ideas, and by allowing groups shared ideas and topics discussed in class to reach a higher understanding and finding different ways of thinking. These ways of understanding and thinking are due to the different class environments and different class discussions that …show more content…
For class every day we had to journal our thoughts for ourselves, to then share aloud and share our inquiry, and this was a different way that I enjoyed because it was informal and got some thoughts down for discussion. Journaling for every text enabled me to find what works when trying to discuss texts, and was a strength I recognize. Another example that involves the goals of seminar is , for Seminar I second essay, we had to write an analytical essay and add an artistic twist to the assignment. I was able to interpret Martin Luther King’s “Letter to Birmingham,” into an interpretive dance and it was a different way to look at the text and really embody the artistic writing, which was incorporation of the written and oral

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