Essay On Active Listening

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Active Listening, Additional Support, and Effective Communication
Active listening is imperative to be successful in any line of work, though it is specifically important in education because educators need to understand the parent’s viewpoints and feelings. Active listening can be defined as “the skill required to simply “feed back” the deeper felt message (not words) of the sender in the words of the receiver” (p. 151). Active listening involves going past listening to the sender in order to respond, but rather, listening to understand. Active listening details how to objectively listen to the sender in a nondefensive way (p. 152). Clarification is key to understanding what the sender is trying to convey; using phrases such as “I heard you
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Collaborating with colleagues is vital to creating a healthy work environment. I think that I specifically could improve on sharing feelings and solving problems as a cohesive unit. Generally, I tend to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. Keeping feelings, whether they are positive or negative, can affect the program as a whole because it could potentially inhibit certain program goals. Incorporating active listening and I-statements can help resolve issues and focus on the overall goals of the program. Being an educator insinuates that I am part of a team, and through that, I should be more open to discussing my thoughts and feelings with my colleagues so we can focus on the task at hand. However, I think that I particularly thrive in an environment where I share responsibilities with my colleagues. I am much more of a “worker bee” than I am a person who openly shares thoughts and feelings. I am a task-oriented person and having to-do lists is essential for me to be productive. I am always willing to carry my own load and pick up the slack when necessary. Both areas of these skillsets could be improved simply because there will always be more to learn, though I specifically will hone in on sharing feelings and problem solving in the

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