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  • The Importance Of Sacrifice In High School

    fact, many did not. If I could go back in time and tell my freshman-self one thing it would be, don’t stress; everything will be okay. Go and enjoy this time with your friends, make memories… trust me, that Micro-Economic set will still be there tomorrow and that dreaded “B” is in no way a failure. I challenge you to reflect on the last four years of your life. What would you tell your freshman-self? Did you sacrifice your time and energy on not so positive endeavors or people? Was each…

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  • Highway Patrol Scenarios

    I Joshua Reisner would like to be the next California Highway Patrol Commissioner of Project Reality. I have made a huge impact of Project reality with advertisements, starting up dispatch, making new SOPS etc. I think it's time I step down for Communications Director and become the Commissioner of CHP. I feel like CHP has been falling with our old Commissioner Nish. I feel and know I can make a change. --------------------------- Well, you may ask, "well josh what can you do?!" Well, the…

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  • Uses Of Smartphones In Education

    In today’s world the vast majority of people have integrated their smartphone into their everyday life. Todays smartphone is not only a voice communication device but a camera, a gps, a internet browser, a video camera and many other things and undoubtedly inventors will come out with new functions that we can only imagine. Can today’s educators integrate the smartphone into their everyday teaching responsibilities? My research answers this question with a resounding yes. Many research studies…

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  • Clifton Strength Reflection

    manager that they have a strong relationship with rather than someone who is seen as simply just a boss. That is why I always try to treat others with the same empathy that I would expect them to treat me with. If someone is struggling in any way it is better to be understanding and sympathetic than bossy and rude. When forming relationships with others not only…

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  • 'The School' By Donald Barthelme

    balance out my copious exposition with action and dialogue. I feel as though I reached all these goals, at least on my in-class pieces. My fourth work was a drama piece, which helped with my genre-rounding goal, but it also pushed me toward writing better dialogue and balancing the composition of my pieces out. To expand on my last…

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  • What Does Basketball Mean To Me Research Paper

    B(asketball) A(ssociation).. Another possible event is a basketball camp for the kids and for highschool students so they can really better themselves at a young age & also keep them out of trouble before they get introduced to the “streets.” These events connect to my research because these are ways i’ve been helped by basketball & I feel it’s been helping me be & stay a better person. You can even have the best skill but coaches and players wouldn’t want to play with you with a bad…

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  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun Analysis

    Girls Just want to have Fun. Having opportunity is a vital characteristic to life it is what gives society hope for a better tomorrow, this is the major reason why America is viewed as the birth place of prosperity. “The American dream” is a wide spread term to describe the ability to achieve anything through hard work and dedication. Although many people connect this notion towards gaining vast amount of wealth, the idea of the American dream has morphed into an “idea of America being a…

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  • Facilitators Of Aging

    Facilitators of Active / Successful Aging According to Rowe (1998), factors contributing to successful aging are the individual’s lifestyles choices, their innate personality in how they approach life, and a positive attitude build in resilience. Consider resiliency, by definition—quality of life does not always relate to physical illness. When comparing similar socio-demographic factors, those factors relating to positive outcomes for resiliency were the ability to recognize the people who…

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  • Hilton's 'Onc Once On The Ground'

    The adventure begins on a plane, flying over the clouds and the Himalayas. As the passengers admired the view, Eric was thinking about somewhere else. His thought of navigating in 1933 in a beautiful paradise have referred to in James Hilton’s book where he called it Shangri-La, a utopian world separate from us and where only lucky souls can go. Some of these wanted to leave it, but Conway, a character with whom Eric relates and envies, didn’t. Eric Weiner lived in India in the 1990s as he was…

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  • My Experience In My Field Experience

    September 22 and September 29th; 7:40 am-2: 40 pm The last two weeks have been a little crazy, to say the least. I really feel like in these past two weeks and especially today, that I have been getting really involved in day-to-day activities with the class. The past two Thursdays were pretty similar to any normal Thursday in this class. Like normal, the class eats breakfast and then does their daily jobs. I have gotten the opportunity to work with my host teacher and two students on watering…

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