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  • Medication Administration Error

    In the United States there are approximately 7000 deaths per year related to adverse drug events (ADEs); furthermore, it is estimated that a hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication administration error per day (Koppel, Wetterneck, & Telles, 2008; Richardson, Bromirski, & Hayden, 2012). Medications errors usually end up extending patient stays by 1.74 days and cost the health care system billions of dollars each year (Koppel et al., 2008; Van Onzenoort et al., 2008). Most ADEs…

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  • The Inventions Of Thomas Edison And Leonardo Da Vinci

    From using stone tools to the current technology advances, human’s inventions have shaped our lives. And the two great forerunners from different eras are resulted from their achievements possible because of their curiosity and hard work. An invention could be an improvement of a certain idea as well. For example, Thomas Alva Edison did not invent the light bulb, but he improved it. Despite the fact that he did not actually invent the light bulb, he still formulates various new ideas. Leonardo’s…

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  • Organizational Culture And Diversity

    Companies nowadays are adapting a more diverse workforce as a strategy to justify their business case with the principal of moral case in order to have a competitive advantage upon other businesses. Myrtle Bell (2012) defines diversity as “real or perceived differences among people” and Consultant Thomas Roosevelt (2006) considers there is a direct link between diversity and organizational culture given that the way people are treated at work is a reflection of the organisation’s culture.…

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  • Reflective Essay: Improving Writing Skills

    English course has been more challenging than usual, I am generally accustomed to doing well enough without really trying or learning in English courses. It’s possible that I may have succeeded in improving in my writing skills so far this year; I better understand how to use sentence length, my claims are stronger than they were previously, and my grade appears to be improving. My OCE essays were completed in multiple drafts. From very rough, to slightly less rough, and then to nearly…

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  • Business Perspective Reflection

    1. Business perception This paper attempts to give a critical reflection on my learning experience within GB500 subject Business Perspectives and also shows the interdependence of the business theories with the studying towards a future status of effective professional manager in successful entrepreneurship. It is based on multidimensional concept (Bula, 2012a). Before undertaking the subject I had an experience with business environment through my previous studies and work experience but as my…

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  • Taken King Destiny Summary

    Danny Wadeson, the author of “Destiny: The Taken King’ Live Up to Its Promise and Hype?” writes about the new expansion for Destiny. Wadeson explains throughout his essay about the core things they have done to improve the game with the expansion. The main ideas that he focused on about the game was the lore, gameplay, and the game developers actually listening to the fan base. The game has been out for 5 weeks now and I have been playing that game alone whenever I have time to play games. I…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Training By Elizabeth Day

    Is it truly possible to actually make yourself more intelligent and agile with learning just by “Training” it? That is a question that every person has or will have once in their life. Let it be because of bad test scores or pure curiosity. The answered really goes down to the person itself. People are all different and they all have different ways of learning and comprehending other things and people. Elizabeth Day the author of the article” Can you really train your brain to be more…

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  • 1. Assess The Importance Of Feedback In Communication

    professional. Explain the problem and give examples to support the feedback. It can be possible to become a Servant-Leader in giving feedback by trying one’s best to be in control of the situation and do it in a manner to help the person for creating a better…

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  • Support For The Working Class In Mike Rose's Blue Collar Brilliance

    reliable people doing whatever they can to help out the company. For instance, Karen Olsson’s Up Against Wal-Mart she talks about how she supports the working class, however, she believes that some companies, like Wal-Mart, should be a union and have better benefits. Also, in Mike Rose’s, Blue-Collar Brilliance, he explains that his mother was a waitress for a family restaurant, and while she was waitressing she found an interest in studying the customer’s behavior. Rose also mentions how his…

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  • Reflective Essay In My English Class

    In my previous english classes I was never pushed to all my potential, I was never influenced to stretch my writing and expand it past expectation, I never had high ambitions when writing essays. college writing really changed my writing for the better. Before, in high school I never wanted to waste my time putting so much effort in a paper when other kids around me could care less. I let them influence me and tether my writing potential. Before heading to college I was nervous and scared…

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