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  • My Self Reflective Report

    The new techniques I learned in the class has given me some insight towards my style of writing and its execution. Evaluations from my previous work has given me a perspective in where I fall as writer and in what areas I must improve in to become better. After completing the semester, I have accomplished myself as a confident writer, created a way to improve my writing, and…

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  • Commemorative Speech: Strengths And Weaknesses

    This speech was a very different experience than all the rest of the speeches. The other speeches required you to give statistics and was more of an educational speech. The Commemorative speech let me as the speaker make the speech more personal and more inspirational. The Commemorative speech was one of my favorite speeches to do because I could really try to inspire the audience just how the person I was talking about inspired me. The Commemorative speech was also a lot easier to present then…

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  • Personal Narrative: What I Learned In My Writing

    class, I felt excited knowing this class would help on my grammar, so I can become a better writer. My first thought that cross my mind was this was going to be easy and it was. My last experienced with writing and English was okay because I mainly get a B or a C, but rarely I would get an A. I always been having trouble with grammars. My high school English teachers taught us about grammars and how to become a better writer. It was similar to what you had taught us in class because we always…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Student

    I am passionate, dedicated, and willing to learn new material. I love to learn new things and most of all gain new information that I did not know to use later on in life. I wish to be a student that can memorize everything in a second. Also, not be shy to participate in class discussion. When I am dying to participate and express what I believe or even ask questions when something is unclear to me. The kind of student I you want to be is a bright student who is always willing to participate in…

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  • English 1 Reflective Essay

    Throughout this semester, I have learned about critical thinking and writing skills. Emphasizing on proper documentation, quoting books, articles, websites, and creating a work cited. With organization, punctuation, and appropriate grammar by learning how to read a document and analyze it correctly to find these errors. I have learned a lot about all these things, even though I still make mistakes in some of these I have learned to be able to correct a lot of these errors in revising. Reading…

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  • Soccer Field Research Paper

    In my neighborhood right now, my soccer field is very worn down and dangerous to young kids if they were to fall or hit a piece of equipment or to maybe trip on the garbage on the ground. I believe we should change that and fix our old soccer field and make it brand new and safe for young kids. This is one of the best ways my neighborhood can change to make a newer, safer outside environment. This will help to stop young kids or any kids in general getting hurt and they will have more fun and…

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  • Examples Of Reflective Essay

    My Reflective Essay For my research essay, I chose to use the inquiry method. After selecting my topic, I wrote a list of questions that I wanted answers to, so I would be more knowledgeable about my topic and hopefully discover something I didn’t already know. Suspending judgment on my findings was difficult, because I had some previous knowledge and experience with my topic. I just divorced any prior knowledge and preconceived ideas that I had and researched this topic, as if I didn’t know…

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  • Richard Straub Critical Analysis

    comments. Straub supports these focus points by using hypothetical situations and a real example of a student paper. Straub constantly provides more information on how the reader can enhance the revision process and thus allow for the reader to become a better writer. Straub was making an argument; instead, he was providing readers with an informative piece. In the…

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  • Why Is It Important To Play Soccer Essay

    Why Soccer? Why should a person play soccer? Can you be too old to play soccer? Do many people think that soccer is fun? These are all good questions for children and adults who have a desire for soccer. Here are some facts why a person should find an interest in this amusing sport. Any male or female should play soccer for multiple reasons. One example is because it helps teach the beauty of sportsmanship. This also benefits because players on the field will get punished for having bad…

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  • Analysis Of The Essay 'Losing Is Good For You'

    Losing is a Win The choice is simple, you can either praise your child for every little thing no matter the outcome, or allow your child to learn the best life lessons that can be taught to them by playing sports. When we are a child we look at life with rose-colored glasses, as parents if we allow our children to continue to look through their eyes in that way, they will miss the valuable opportunity to learn how to cope when life is no longer that rose color. Some parents want to protect…

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