Cons Of Global Learning Research

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The Internet evolves constantly, every day. With this evolution, come different tools that correspond, some we can benefit from and some that can harm us in the long run. People can use the Internet for personal use or business/educational purposes. The Internet expands from games, to social media, to finances and education. For educational purposes, the Internet can improve students’ study habits, improve students’ writing skills, and can also help students get ideas of how to improve their everyday skills as students. A con about the Internet is that it can sometimes make it easy to plagiarize; a pro about the Internet is that it can also help with educational skills through websites that help with writing and studying.
Internet improves
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If a student is lost or confused about the lecture that they were taught earlier that day or in the week, there are easy ways of going online and just looking up the lecture title and it will take you to plenty of websites that will re teach the student. The student could be taught from a teacher at a different university, another student on their discussion board or even someone from across the entire world! The best thing about taking online classes in college is that I can use the Internet as a resource for anything! If I’m having difficulty in math, science or English there’s a website to help me! A website that is commonly used for global learning is a website that you can send your essay in and real students and teachers from across the country read and edit your essays. allows you to submit your essay, without it being marked as plagiarized when turned in to, and get professional editing from college professors and college students from across the globe. also allows you to submit your essay and then students and professors can make comments on your essay in order to help you achieve a better grade. There are websites that allow you to plug in citations throughout your essay and even create a works cited page in order to ensure you that you won’t get accused of plagiarism. is a very good website for plugging in websites and books and even …show more content…
The Internet has evolved so much in the past couple of years. There are so many ways to reteach yourself the things that you’ve learned in school, there are ways to teach students how to write exceptionally, there are ways to help students study, whether its with games, reading, or videos! There are ways to just help students become better students! The Internet has so many ways to broaden students’ horizons and help them excel. The Internet makes school so much

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