Importance Of Quality Improvement In Healthcare

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Health care organizations are always looking for different ways to improve and provide better health care quality and improvements in patient satisfaction. Patients always have the right to choose, ask, and complain about the services they receive. Patients’ views are important for any business. Regarding health care, patients want the highest of quality care, right to receive the best services, and it is the organizations responsibility to its consumers to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered and solve any problem may occur. In the quality improvement process measures and improves services by gather information and understanding the direction and policies of quality for the health care organization. Quality data collection results …show more content…
Patients can use the Internet or papers to accomplish the survey, usually patients provide a more honest response by using the Internet, and using survey by the internet allows the patient to add more comments. The Internet survey is an efficient method for the hospital with reducing the cost of post mail and provides a higher results to the survey.
Functional Status audit measures the amount of improvement the patient practices after receiving a medical treatment, and using the audit determines the patient’s progress. The inspector can measure if the treatments improve the patient’s satisfaction and their quality of life. Data collection tools collected at patient estimation during the treatment because of the accuracy of the information. Some areas may need improvement to meet the patients’ expectations because patients’ satisfaction is the most important service for the health care organization.

A weakness of survey by using the Internet, includes, software problems, some patients do not use a computers especially the elders, some patients worry for the privacy of their health information. The strengths of the health care’s patient satisfaction survey provides feedback for the organization to improve their quality of care and provide better

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