The Open System Theory In Nursing Service Delivery

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Open System Theory in Nursing Service Delivery
Health care must always be aware of government regulators, in the context of its position within the larger environment of a national health care system (Meyer & O’Brian-Pallas, 2010, p. 2830). Each system is a set of components working together to accomplish as specified goal or vision (Marquis & Hutson, 2012, p. 40). The system theory combined with the nursing service delivery theory bases the linking of nursing activities, staffing, environments, and outcomes in different settings with the involvement of management in the decision-making process. In healthcare, organizations are considered to be an open system; it must work together with and within an environment to promote growth, vision, and
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The theory evaluates standardized skills, processes, communication and outcomes through the feedback provided in patient care (Meyer & O’Brian-Pallas, 2010, p. 2835). The deficiency in interdepartmental communication between subsystems affects the delivery of service through input, throughput, output, cycle of events, and negative feedback.
Although each unit considers itself to be a separate entity and a closed system, this mindset creates problems in communication and patient care. Skilled and effective communication is the fundamental determinant of achieving an organization’s mission, values, and improves their culture as well as climate. Effective communication enhances the flow of information while optimizing the delivery of patient care. The problem is in the input with the communication as the main problem with both internal and external communication within the organization occurring between staff and the various subsystems within the organization. The lack of communication between each unit and subsystem exacerbates the issues with the output in the form of patient volume. The complications are evident in the negative feedback through the evaluation of patient services. The evaluation of surveys completed by patients, family members, and staff provides the cycle event for evaluation. There are many sources of procedures
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The charge nurse will facilitate the unimpeded flow of patients through the systems, thereby increasing the patient volume. The improved communication between departments will facilitate this increased volume in patients once the doctor admits the patient. The communication between the admitting doctor and bed management to facilitate finding the appropriate room. To ensure the availability of the applicable rooms and resources the relocation of some patients from one department to another is a necessity. The charge nurse over the ICU, Step-down unit and a med-surge unit can improve the communicating and facilitate the appropriate flow of patients through the

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