Summer Night Letter

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I am writing you a letter regarding the training I have received since being employed at the Younes Conference Center. I have been employed at the conference center since my junior year of college and the training I have received has been great in some instances and lacking in others. When I first began working at the conference center I was scheduled to work three training shifts. When I showed up on the first day I was given a booklet that I had to sign that went through basic policies and procedures that bartenders do. This book benefited me in understanding the way the conference center ran and a few of the expectations they had for me. During the first shift I was put with a bartender that had years of experience so I could learn the ins …show more content…
I did not know where I was supposed to park or where I was supposed to go after getting to the conference center. Once I got a bearing on where I was supposed to go I had a difficult time locating you and I had not received any guidance. Bartenders should be given the booklet on basic policies and procedures before coming to their first day of work. Doing this would allow the bartenders to read over the material and get a better understanding of it. The TIPS class I had to take was very beneficial but scheduling me to take it before my training days would have helped me and other bartenders. Before the TIPS class I had no idea all of the legal implications that came along with being a bartender. Having this class even before the bartenders started would be beneficial for the conference center and the bartenders. Although I had experienced bartenders helping me there were multiple times in which we got busy and I was on my own. The bartender I was working with did their best to give me a quick run through of the prices, ingredients and other guidelines. The bartender did not have enough time to run through everything before the rush so I had to ask questions while he was helping another customer and one was waiting on me. Newly hired bartenders should come in early for their bars so they can get thorough training before starting. This would help alleviate a lot of the headaches that both the new bartenders and you would

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