Why I Believe I Deserve A Raise Essay example

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Why I Believe I Deserve a Raise I have worked for Glideaway Manufacturing now for over two years. This has been one of the best companies that I have worked for. The position, for which I was hired, has been challenging and rewarding, and I feel I have not only mastered, but improved the processes within this position. In fact, I have improved these processes to the extent that my productivity has doubled, allowing me to take-on additional responsibilities. As a result, I have volunteered to lead two training programs. The first training program focuses on ensuring all positions at our branch have backups identified and fully trained. The second training program focuses on process improvement within our other branches. This program will allow others in my position to reapply my process improvements, saving our company money through increased productivity and reduced staffing. Therefore, with my two years of devoted service, continued process improvement, increased productivity, additional responsibilities, and leadership in training others, I believe I deserve a pay increase of three to four percent. I was originally hired at Glideaway to fill the position of Receiving Coordinator. This position had been vacant for four months. The previous coordinator was let go due to poor performance. This was evident, as he left the work processes disorganized and in a shamble. During the four month vacancy, this position was being covered by other employees. However, since covering…

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