Persuasive Essay On Raising Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage
Will raising the minimum wage solve income problems? Or will it just create chaos? Many people seem to say that raising the minimum income will not only solve the problems for people who live in poverty, but everyone will be able to receive wage that will leave them in a safe environment. In the recent discussion of raising the minimum wage up to $15 per hour, a controversial issue has been whether everyone will have a job after the wage has been increased. On one hand, some argue that raising the minimum wage will give everyone a satisfied income that will be enough to support the family. On the other hand, however, others ague that many people who are about to start their career, will have a hard time looking for a job as employers
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Though I concede that it would be affordable for people with a higher wage to support their families, I still maintain that we should not raise the minimum wage to $15. For example, college students will not be able to find a job easily, which will stop them from pursuing their career; many people will loose their jobs due to employers not being able to afford paying so much wage, it will not be a solution to lowering the poverty rate and it will create a bigger gap between the rich and poor. Although some might object that we should pay enough wages to increase their annual income, I would reply that we should keep the minimum wage as it is right now. This issue is important because people will still have a job with an income that they already receive, as many people earn good amount of money to help support the …show more content…
Not having a job will be a struggle for many people. After the minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour, many people will struggle their current jobs, and will have a difficult time trying to find another job. William Finnegan mentions Minimum wage – or raising an existing minimum – will always and inevitably damage the economy, kill jobs, doom American freedom, and/or harm the very people that it is meant to help.” (2). I agree with Finnegan as many jobs will be gone, and people will not receive an income that will support their families. In many households, only one person supports the whole family, and if that person were to loose a job, the family will face many

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