The Pros And Cons Of Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage Increase = Bad Idea There are many hard working Americans that deserve an increased amount of salary. A raise for a couple of those hard working employees would be justified, they deserve it. However, a McDonalds’ organization of workers should not be demanding a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. Any mediocre job such as the fast food industry should have no reason to even consider that amount of money. Although most Americans are in favor of the federal minimum wage increase to $15 an hour, they must understand that the increase will cause drop outs in education and cause high-skilled workers to go to lower-skilled jobs and is not beneficial to our economy, employers, nor to the people in poverty. First off, the minimum …show more content…
By focusing on just receiving the higher wage and having more spending money, most American people in the labor force overlook the immense amounts of issues that come with a minimum wage increase. They claim that only positive aspects will result in the increase; the more money that people receive, the happier they are. Although that does hold true, they must learn the consequences of the wage increase. The people must realize that if there is indeed an increase, that some of them will result in the unemployment business. Whereas the others that are lucky enough to still possess a job receive a decreased number of hours to work. Hence, this leads them to actually make less than what they were making at the previous minimum wage. Also, think critically about this, the people receive their wages of $15 an hour, they head to a grocery store where the prices of products increase dramatically along with the minimum wage increase, and this again would have no effect. There are even some economist experts that stick with the idea that the increase will benefit the people and yet, they always seem to shoot themselves in the foot when they and most of the working force realize that they already are being paid well above the minimum wage. From an expert in economics such as Henry Gass who agrees with the raising of the minimum wage, he admits that “Many people are joining this movement even though they’re paid well above the minimum wage” (Gaas 1). This statement by Gass just proves them wrong all together, most are being paid above the minimum wage and are still not satisfied. The minimum wage should stay where it is now, Seattle was the first city to install the wage and many of the businesses have shut down. Nevertheless, there is no

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