Minimum Wage Need To Be Raise Essay

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The Minimum Wage need to be Raise
Rashed Rahman
Lonestar college

This paper is presented for English-1301, by Professor Vanessa Ballmer

The Minimum Wage need to be Raise Many problems and challenges exist in the world that we face in our everyday lives. We always try to solve those problems and make our lives easier and happy. Now- a-days, minimum wage a big problem for low-income family. Some low-income family members are running to their job to support their family and to get a better life. Some are finding more than one job. Some are looking for income sources. These are happening because of low minimum wage. The minimum wage needs to be raised to help those people. Some corporations are raising their employees’ minimum income because it will solve thousands of problems such as- reduce stress, don’t have to find more than one job, better income, helpful for students and others, and improves economic security. In the article by Schmidit, he says, “We should be raised the wage deliberately and consistently until we see negative employment effects”. Raising the minimum wage will be helpful for everyone if the wage rate goes up to ten or fifteen dollars per hour. In Texas, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. This is not enough for everyone.
People’s Perspective
By raising the minimum wage, people will able to support their family and they will meet their needs. According to President Obama, “Raising the minimum wage will benefit about twenty-eight million workers across the
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The minimum wage should be raised because it helps a person to support his or her family without too many jobs and too many stresses. They will able to meet their needs. Also, it helps a student to keep attention on his or her education. When he or she will get sufficient money from one job, he or she will not find another job and able to attention on his or her education and will be free from so many stresses and able to prevent bad

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