Raise The Minimum Wage Essay

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The United States government should not raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. In the article, “A new dawn for the minimum wage,” by Don Lee he states, when the wage went up, the prices for a variety of items had also risen. This quote shows how if minimum wage goes up, prices will go up too. If the prices for items go up, then everything will be expensive. This is why the United States should not raise minimum wage to $15.
If the United States raises minimum wage to $15 then workers would lose their jobs. For example, “... many low-paid workers could lose their jobs or find fewer openings as employers cut back to cope with the higher wage” (Lee). This quote shows how workers would lose their jobs and there would be less job openings. People would be out of jobs because owners and employers would have to focus more on paying more employees. So if
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In the article, ¨Should America raise the minimum wage? Experts see pluses and minuses.¨ by Los Angeles Times, the author states, ¨Businesses might raise prices to make up for having to pay workers more.¨ This quote shows if minimum wage is risen, then employers will raise prices in order to pay employees. This could cause problems for small businesses because they might be able to pay all their employees the required $15. Therefore if minimum wage is raised to $15, some small businesses may be affected negatively.
Raising minimum wage will not get rid of poverty. In the article, ¨The pros and cons of raising minimum wage,¨ the author claims that when minimum wage goes up, business owners will only raise prices of the items they supply (Hirby). This will not help poverty because if prices go up the poor will still not be able to pay the for the supplies. Also, it would be harder for families to pay for bills and necessities for their family if they are paying more for items. So, if minimum wage is raised to $15 it will not cure

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