Importance Of Student Learning Reflection

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For this learning segment, the cognitive, affective, and physical domains are measured by assessments give during the learning segment In the cognitive domain a pre and post written test, cross word puzzle, labeling the lines on the field sheet and exit slips were used. To measure the psychomotor domain, I used pre and post skills tests and a score card for station 7 in lesson plan number 2. The affective domain is measured by the use of exit slips in lessons 2, 3, and at the end of this unit. ]
b. Provide a graphic (table or chart) or narrative that summarizes evidence of student learning for your whole class (or, if more than 30 students, group) in the psychomotor domain and at least one other domain (cognitive and/or affective). Be sure
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This will give them ample opportunity to apply the corrections, strengthen their skill set and grow their knowledge. In the end this will be put into a game like situation where the students of this class will have the opportunity to show off what they have learned and improved on. For my three focus students I would also have them read the feedback and try to apply it. I would allow each of them to try to apply the feedback themselves, but then verbally correct and add what is needed to help the student become more successful at that skill or knowledge base.]
b. Explain how these next steps follow from your analysis of students’ learning. Support your explanation with principles from research and/or theory.
[ Applying these steps after taking my analysis of the students learning into consideration, would benefit the student. Like John Dewy said, learn by doing. These students will most likely improve and reach a higher skill level if we allow them to try the skill, give them feedback, then encourage them to apply the feedback. Rather than tell them what to do, let them try and fail then say next time do this and move on. All students learn differently, this is true, however if we do not provide the opportunity for the student to try themselves they will never know what they can do.

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