Nursing Reflective Analysis

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In relation to my Nursing 495learning plan, my identified goal was to increase my independence and enhance my critical thinking so that I will be able to make sound clinical judgments. This goal was developed before the start of the clinical and influenced my decision to complete a practicum on a medicine unit because I wanted to build a strong foundation for my nursing practice. This topic, therefore, influenced my transition from student to beginning graduate nurse by enhancing my ability to solve problems through the use of the nursing process. Furthermore, working in the commitment phase where I am responsible for the choices I make is helping me build confidence and independence. Most students in clinical environments often struggle …show more content…
A reminding example was walking into a room and finding a patient with COPD showing signs of respiratory distress. She appeared cyanotic, with increased work of breathing. Using my critical thinking abilities, I remember thinking purposely and asking myself ‘what are the key assessments that I need to perform at this time; based on the pathophysiology of the disease, what is going on; what members of the interprofessional team do I need to notify at this time; what are the key nursing diagnosis and what are the rationale behind my interventions”. I informed my preceptor of my assessment findings, my interventions, and my rationale and she agreed with my …show more content…
According to Huang, Newman, Schwartzstein (2011), educators should reduce the pace of learning so that students can digest and apply knowledge. They also agree that students should be involved in tasks that involve problem-solving and should be ready to justify their answers with evidence-based sources. Furthermore, reflection is encouraged as it allows the learner to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement (Huang et al, 2011).
Impact on Future Practice This journey is meaningful to my nursing practice because it has ensured my success in clinical placements. Also, through the development of this skill, I am confident to say that I am ready for the transition to professional practice and I understand that critical thinking is not a standard nursing competency but a recurring theme that runs through various competencies. For my future practice, I hope to utilize critical thinking to study ad pass my NCLEX examination. Using this strategy will provide a framework for thinking through test questions and picking out correct choices (Ward & Morris,

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