The Reflective Skills Of Clinical Reasoning In Nursing

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Clinical reasoning is a skill that needs to be acquired by nurses to render safe and quality care. It requires that the nurse engage in reflective activities to gain insight. This is not a theoretical thing but an empirical way of reasoning and asking questions.

It is the ability of the nurse to check her views as against the evidence available in real life, her being able to change her position from a held view point to another when better explanations are given. Engaging and interacting with patients with concern for their health, Rationalising constantly about the causes of an event not a single cause and giving answers to why and what to do. To be non-judgemental about the actions of patients, assuming the cause but
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It has helped to be proactive and reactive in life not procrastinating in any decisions I have to take because time is of essence. It might not be a life and death situation but it helps to prevent wastages in terms of finances, academics and even in managing my home. My spouse is diabetic and is on oral hypoglycaemic for about 8years …show more content…
My husband gets the cars ready for the day first, but on this day he was unable to wake up on time. He had never had any need to be admitted over these years, sugar level was under control. But on this day I was ready but the cars were not ready, so I went back to the room and met my spouse pick8ing on his teeth in the bath. I looked at him and discovered that he was not acting like he was fully awake. I was thinking, what could be happening, hope he is not in any hypoglycaemic condition. I was thinking of what to do first but to my surprise I didn’t have any sugars at home, no soft drinks. I quickly got the honey and rubbed it into his cheek. I would say the realization just hit me and my legs moved to action. This intervention was because I thought of a nocturnal hypoglycaemia. It saved his

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