Compare And Contrast The Four Ways Of Knowing In Nursing

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Nursing is a continuously evolving science. In order to keep up with today’s society, nurses must continue to stay up to date and advance in their skills, knowledge, and patient care routines to obtain successful outcomes. According to Carper, nurses should pursue the development of a holistic, personal, and individualistic treatment regimen. Carper believed that for these changes to be successful, the four patterns of knowing should be implemented into nursing care plans. The four patterns or ways that Carper was referring to consisted of empirics, ethics, esthetics, and personal.
Empirics refers to the physical, mental, and unspecific aspects of nursing that is obtained through recurrent exposure and examination. Empirics collects data, observes
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This must be obtained of the nurse’s self and his/her patients. It is important for the nurses to understand their own self, values, and goals before they began to understand and assist with the care of others. Taking the initiative to understand the patient’s beliefs, values, and goals will increase the compliance and obtainable outcomes of their treatment plan. I implement personal knowledge in the clinical setting by being honest to myself concerning my own thoughts and feelings. When I become occasionally overwhelmed, I take a moment to myself to reflect on my thoughts and what is the true factor that is causing me conflict. I also consider my patient beliefs and feelings a high priority. I attempt to take every action possible to incorporate what is of importance to them and their families into their treatment. Personal knowledge can be accessed to increase bystander cpr by educating the public on the fact that they will not harm the patient by conducting proper lifesaving techniques. Information pertaining to the reality that disease transmission is also rare during cpr will also increase the personal knowledge base of patients, families, and other community

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