What Does Basketball Mean To Me Research Paper

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“Basketball is not only a sport it’s my Passion, my mission, & My Lifestyle.” Some people consider basketball to just be a sport but it’s a lifestyle for me & many others.! A Lot of people eat, sleep, and dream all about basketball. Basketball is a good way keep you a health human! Basketball is important to me because it’s a nice sport to keep you out of trouble, & may potentially carry you to college & so on. Basketball is a sport that I can make a living off of doing something that I love to do. Basketball is also important to me because I made a promise to my grandma i’d do whatever it takes to make it before her time comes. I wanna make it so that she can rest, will carry on taking care of the family like she always has. Basketball is my passion and I will do what it takes to make my dream come true. Basketball has a major impact on me because when I was a little kid I was told I would never make it to be good enough to play in the NBA. I used to watch the NBA on television and I always said that would be one day.. It also has an impact on not just me but a lot more of kids throughout the world. Basketball also has impacted me because without basketball I could have been getting in a tune of trouble or worse I could become another statistic another unsolved homicide …show more content…
Hopefully they could be able to expand the ultimate goal N(ational) B(asketball) A(ssociation).. Another possible event is a basketball camp for the kids and for highschool students so they can really better themselves at a young age & also keep them out of trouble before they get introduced to the “streets.” These events connect to my research because these are ways i’ve been helped by basketball & I feel it’s been helping me be & stay a better person. You can even have the best skill but coaches and players wouldn’t want to play with you with a bad

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