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  • Personal Statement: A Career For A Career In Computer Science

    Truthfully, working in academia just recently became a passion of mine. Originally, I went into my undergraduate career intending to work as a video game developer; however, as I spent more time in the field of computer science, I began questioning this career choice. Particularly, during my sophomore year, one course exposed me to the lifestyle of a video game developer. Ultimately, I realized I did not enjoy this lifestyle or work environment. As a result, I began questioning what I wanted to…

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  • Diversity In Ireland

    In Ireland, all schools except for secondary are funded by state because secondary schools are privately owned and managed. However, in the U.S, all public high schools are funded by the federal and state government and local resources. The structure of secondary education in Ireland is also categorized by cycles. The Junior cycle consists of 3 years and has a curriculum that covers…

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  • Factors And Characteristics Of Factoring A Graduate Program

    The most important things to me when selecting a graduate institution are accreditation, knowledgeable advisors, type of program, and financial aid. Financial aid is most definitely an influencing factor. It would also be nice if my program was in state, so tuition rates would be…

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  • An Analysis Of Mr. Murray, What Is A Practical Education

    knows they are hearing from someone who should have authority on the subject. Additionally, Murray gives the reader his brief opinion that the conflict between general education and the liberal arts is something that has always existed within the state university, but provides no data to support his theory. Coupled with dramatic language to insert more passion into his argument, through his use of words and phrases such as, "little security, successful survivors, forces within universities…

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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Robert Perry's On Real Education

    A four-year college is essential for majority of high school students to attain for our nation to achieve economic growth. Robert Perry argues this point throughout his article, “On 'Real Education. '” Perry article, “On 'Real Education, '” argument is that our nation is digressing in four-year college graduates compared to other nations. His argument was created to refute Charles Murray’s idea that too many students are enrolling in four-year colleges and most of those students should…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Should College Be Free?

    opportunity to go to college because I was so behind in my academic and never really like school until my Junior year of highschool. That was when math and others stuffs started to click for me. So i have high goals for myself for with the medical field but i will have fun with college too. I believe college should be free. Today 's economy you have to have all college degree to get a good job to get anywhere in life and to make a well earning paycheck. Coming right out of college with a degree…

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  • My Life As A Christian Life

    I was the first Christian in my family. At the age of four, I started to go to church with my Aunt. Though by that time, I did not really understand what does salvation mean, I found I enjoy the time I spend at the church with my Sunday school teacher and friend. However, I was not saved until the age of 11. I went to public school for my primary education, and when I was at the age of 12, a year after I turned to Christ, I heard God’s calling and decided to go to a Christian school that was…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Transition From High School To University

    For many students the transition from high school to university can be quite difficult and even stressful for many. Canadian high school students are not well prepared or well educated when going into university. When students get to university many will be shocked by the shift is teaching styles, going from being taught in a small classroom to going to a huge 400+ lecture hall can be stressful for many. Also, the amount of work you get in university is a lot different than the amount you get in…

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  • How Do Social Forces Affect Your Life

    write about how this forces impacted this status! Okay so first let 's talk about social institutions that had an impact! Two Major social institutions that affected greatly on my path to going to college at Stanislaus were family and K-12 education.Family influenced me going to Stanislaus and college in general for a number of reasons. First being raised by a single mother had a big influence.…

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  • College Essay: Is College Really Worth It?

    Reid ELA 12 Period 4: U2SC 15 December 2016 Is college really worth it? I don’t know about you, but without a doubt, our parents and family has always lectured us from the beginning of our lives that receiving an education is the most important task. Receiving an education would be in fact, graduating out of college and with that is the key to the gate of an amazing ever-lasting career and life-long financial wealth. Naturally, going to college and receiving a degree has become a…

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