Hard Decisions After High School

Many concerned parents think about their child or children’s education, but not all parents have the resources to send their child or children on to higher education. The only hard decision a child should have to make concerning college is choosing which school is best for them after high school. If a person wants to go on to college after high school, it should not have to be a difficult decision based on a nonexistence of monetary contributions. Unfortunately for most children in American families the lack of awareness of preparing for the future of the child or children in the home for continued education has caused many children to become stifled in the pursuit of a college degree. I being a college student myself understand the challenges that a student can face working towards a degree; especially if the student is a first generation college student. I want to give insight from my personal experience on how people in a student’s life can help prepare him or her for college. The first thing I would say to parent’s is start saving and start early as possible. I know it may be difficult for some who operate …show more content…
I have observed many children who have dropped out of college because they were not ready for the freedom of being on their own. I remember my next door neighbor only let her son attend a local community college. The other children attended colleges and universities far away from home, but he went to school nearby. The reason behind that is because his mom wanted to make sure her child was prepared for college mentally. She didn’t want her son to drop out because of parties, and not keeping up academically because of the work. Personally I think that would be a great idea to start your child off at a community or junior college where you have little college tuition expense, and to make sure your child is prepared academically before they transition to a larger college or

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