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  • Argumentative Essay: Junior High

    Informative Essay-Junior High You're probably in Junior High if you're reading this, so you might be thinking “I’m going to have some much homework” or “The teachers are going strict and I’m going to fail it’s just too hard”. You might not know what to expect and wonder if the older kids will like you, well keep reading if you want to know how to be successful and stay steady throughout the school year. Now if you ask me, Junior-High isn’t anything different from elementary, sure you have a…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline On Homework

    on homework in certain countries, as well as statistics on what stresses out students the most in the U.S. Appeal #2: Ethos The information provided comes from very reputable researchers from very prestigious universities such as Stanford and Penn State. I also tried to argue using common sense and logic, and I tried to avoid questionable information and sources. Appeal #3: Pathos Some parts of the speech might make the audience feel sympathetic for the students an example would be when…

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  • The Importance Of Building Muscle Without Weight

    Being on the road means I can not get to the gym like an hour or track me easily. Does that mean I have to give up fitness and muscle building? of course not. While I miss the gym and transfer some heavy iron, I learned how to build muscles without weights and continued to get stronger and more agile. Understanding how to use your weight properly and some simple pieces of equipment is the key to success. How to Build Muscle Without Weights Build muscle without weights Body training is…

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  • Good Things To Do In College

    College is the perfect time for you to reinvent yourself. Especially if you are moving to another town, it creates the best environment to become the person you always wanted to be: smart, healthy and cool. But if it isn’t exactly the person that you are nowadays, don’t panic. You still have plenty of time in life so just start putting yourself together from now on and following some very-easy-to-pull-off kind of tips so to bring some healthy habits to your college life. Have your goals always…

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  • Analysis Of The Love Of My Life By T. Boyle

    “The Love of My Life” by T.C Boyle is a story about immaturity. Jeremy and China, the two main characters, are two students in a relationship. They graduate highschool but before they leave for college they spend time camping. During the trip China gets pregnant and the two leave for separate colleges. Boyle uses an external conflict, a physical setting, simile, and literal imagery to tell a story about immaturity. The central idea is immaturity. Both Jeremy and China are essentially children…

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  • Importance Of Monitoring Vs Freedom

    is the best way to protect your child. Harlen Coben, the author of the editorial “ The Undercover Parent” claims it would be neglect for a parent not to protect their child from dangerous chatter by listening to every single conversation. Coben states that “Trust is one thing, but surrendering parental responsibility to a machine that allows the entire world access to your home borders on negligence” (Coben). The idea of parents monitoring can be interpreted by the child as saying parents…

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  • 11 Grade Reflective Essay: Evaluating People In My Life

    11 Grade Reflective Essay “Evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate. You're the CEO of your life.”(Tony Gaskin) This quote is very relevant to what has happened to me this year because only you have the power to decide what your going to accomplish or even who you allow to be in your life.School has a lot of that there are many different groups and many different types of people that you can be associated to. For me I chose to be focused in school and try to not do…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Back To America

    It was the summer of two thousand and fourteen I was twelve and preparing for my first trip out of the country. The trip would be my big summer vacation right before going back to school. Weeks before the trip started I would complain to my friends that the trip wouldn't be exciting and it would just be another trip my mother was dragging me along to. My mother is a high school science teacher and she likes to host trips around the world for her students to join along and gain a brand new…

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  • Personal Project Analysis

    • Introduction As a year 10 students, I was asked to do a Personal Project which consisted of choosing a subject, preferably that we had a certain interest in, to assure that all would be satisfied of the work accomplished during the month of the personal project. As the project is something that you have to like and have an interest in, the choice was very difficult to make because it would be something that you would work a lot on. During the vacation before school started again, I had several…

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  • Harvest Moon Friends In Mineral Town Essay

    the only way to get that far is to use a specific method. First you save(not save state) before going down a set of stairs. Once you have gone down those stairs, Save State with the F2 button(Ah the wonders of emulators <3) and dig around for the stairs, once you have found them, load the save state with the F4 button go straight to them and dig them up. Save right before going down the stairs again, and Save State once you have gone down them. Saving before going down stairs is in the case…

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