My Journey In Writing

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The path of learning to read and write is a journey in which everyone is given the opportunity of doing, but experienced differently by all. Particular teachers, classes, books, and author’s styles contribute to one’s own unique personality. I have always had a keen interest in the stories that reading provides, and the ability of putting thoughts onto paper through writing. I began these at a young age and they have followed me throughout the course of my life.
At a young age, I recall lying in my fire-truck bed, tucked in, and almost death-gripping my Barney stuffed animal. My mother, sitting at the foot of my bed, would read to me nightly, the journeys of Stuart Little and the always-exciting Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom. Once I gained the ability
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Furnish’s English 9 Honors class on the first day of high school. She instructed us to look over the curriculum for the class, and as my eyes gazed across the expectations, I realized that the transition into high school would consist of far more obstacles than I had experienced before. After spending half a year reading Romeo and Juliet, writing essays, cramming in grammar, and having in-depth class discussions, I became more interested in writing than ever before. English 9 Honors set the foundation of my future high school English classes, and gave me an outlook on what teachers expected from myself. A large in my writing and reading ability did not come until I took Mr. Claxton’s American Studies class. Here, I learned how to absorb the most out of factual text as well as explore new books such as The Great Gatsby, Brave New World, and 1984. I have been formed into my current literary reader and writer position by countless numbers of prompts, essays, writing journals, books, discussions, and novel …show more content…
From my childhood to the more recent years of high school, I have evolved into the person I am today. Elementary school built the base of my literary journey with fundamentals and guidelines. Middle school constructed the walls, expanding my skills and broadening my interests. Then, high school proved to me that a roof was not acceptable for a journey, but only the continuation of building the walls higher. It made me realize the importance of writing and reading, and the impact it can have on one’s life, more importantly, my own. The countless hours of teaching and pushing me to do more by others, has fueled my drive to becoming a better reader and

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