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  • Essay On Extrinsic Motivation

    than a simple answer of “the middle level is always best”. Yerkes and Dodson discovered that the best arousal level depends on the complexity and difficulty of the task to be carried out, see Figure 2 below. This is known as Yerkes-Dodson law, which states that a simple task is performed best when arousal levels are moderately high and difficult tasks are best performed when arousal levels are…

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  • Flawed Myth Of Higher Education

    high school or college. Higher education, such as college, is how people learn new ideas and become interested in a specific area of study (Rose 25). Individuals are the ones who choose what they wish to do with their life. Education is a worldwide debatable topic which has sides that agree and disagree, but most individuals do not know how to navigate the labyrinth of higher education. In “COLLEGE FOR ALL: Reality or Flawed Myth?,” Helen Harkness mentions, “The cost of college, if it is not…

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  • Stellaluna Lesson Analysis

    My “little” Khloe, is a fifth-grade student and is on level when it comes to reading. She reads quite well, but sometimes will read too fast and not fully comprehend what she has read. Other times, she reads so fast, she stumbles on her words. I chose these two lessons for Khloe because they support reading comprehension skills, even though that was not the main literacy component that the lessons were designed for. Also, the added focus on the social lesson with the Stellaluna lesson, persuaded…

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  • Personal Narrative: Daring To Step Out The Comfort Zone

    Daring To Step Out the Comfort Zone “ Anyone wants extra credits can get them by attending any of this events.” This was the famous saying of one of my previous teachers. I was a student in IEP level 2. As an ordinary college student, I kept panicking over my grades, and trying to find the best strategy to pass the semester. Although the feeling of urge to earn extra grades almost forced to attend these events, but my fears to lose the opportunity to get extra grade forced myself to attend. It’s…

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  • Campus Crisis By Kate Lunau

    go to gain knowledge and acquire a degree, what students do not know is that it is also a place where students can develop many different mental illnesses which usually leads to dropping out or even worse, suicide. In Campus Crisis by Kate Lunau it states, “some wonder if today’s students are having difficulty coping with the rapidly changing world around them, a world where they can’t unplug, can’t relax, and believe they must stay at the top of their class, no matter what”(Lunau, 2012, p.2,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day At The Freeman Middle School

    It's the day! I'm so nervous, I have butterflies in my stomach and it's my first game in two years. My parents encouraged me to do my best and so did my teammates. That's what I did, I tried my best. I asked questions like, When do I steal? Or when should I release the ball while pitching? I‘m so excited, but at the same time i’m freaking out! what if I mess up, or what if I lose the ball. I had no idea how I well I was gonna do. We were at the freeman middle school in the softball area it…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Last Great Disgrace

    The first lecture that struck me was Willowbrook and Geraldo. I had no prior knowledge of Geraldo Riveras expose on the terrible conditions at the Willowbrook state school on Staten Island in 1972. The expose, Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace featured deformed and mentally-ill children (and adults) held in appalling conditions. The expose prompted mass outrage and calls for change. It broke my heart to see people treating others like nonentities instead of people who just need a little love,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey With English

    My journey with English is a short one. It started in august 2009 when I started school in ISLK in Lund. I wasn’t able to speak one whole sentence in English; I felt awful, I didn’t know anything happening around me, I felt very lonely. Rose was the name of my knight in shinning armor, she was the English teacher in ISLK, and without her I don’t where I would have been right now. Two years later, English became my first language, I read in English, I wrote English, I spoke in English and I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In High Schools

    High school in the United States was a good experience for me in terms of education and how well I did in my classes compared with the bad grades I used to get in my home country, Peru. However, my experience as a high school student in Peru was more fun and memorable since I used to fool around a lot with teachers and classmates and never paid attention in classes. As a result, I would always get kicked out of class by teachers for distracting other students. So I did not have good grades. I…

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  • Community Capacity To Promote Growth And Development

    Community Capacity to Promote Growth and Development of its Members 1. How does the community promote the growth of its members? What educational programs are provided, eg, preschool, prekindergarten, kindergarten through 12th grade, and postsecondary education? • Head Start is a preschool in North Judson, offers center-based preschool education and parent involvement activities to encourage parents to assume an active role and partner with parents to monitor the children 's health, nutritional…

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