Benefits Of Attending College

There are many reasons you should go to college. A good pay check is always an incentive to encourage you, but it is far more that that. The world is moving in a far different direction then before with all the advances of knowledge and technology. College can also help you adapt to new situations and make learning a lifelong habit. Gallop poll states “seven out of 10 Americans continue to say it is very important for adults to have a degree or professional certificate beyond high school.” Although going to college will eventually help increase my pay grade I know it will do far more. One benefit that I know excited me about going to college was getting more knowledge in technology. I’m looking to get more comfortable and confident with using …show more content…
You really never know your potential until you put yourself to the test. A quotation from Winston Churchill “Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” College allows you to open up to different cultures, personalities and just stepping out of the box. According to the Gallop Poles News “Americans strongly endorse the value of post secondary education, with 70% saying it is “very important” for adults to have a degree or professional certificate beyond high school. When you get in your day to day activities with raising a family, work, church and other activities you wonder if there is even any time to fit anything else in especially college. Earlier I thought about coming back, but just couldn’t see adding one more thing on my plate instead of seeing the benefit. I didn’t know if I would be able to adapt or even know it I would even fit into the puzzle. A quotation from Maya Angelou “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” It’s quotes like this or an encouraging song that encourages me to keep on pushing. Third benefit of coming to college is to make learning a lifetime habit. Learning was something I felt I had to do in high school, instead of thinking of the benefit. My husband and I preached to our two children about the importance of learning and going to college. Sometimes you just have to be an example. Since attending college which has been a short period of time, listening to my professor and classmates it has been an encouragement, and making it more exciting to learn. I’m looking forward to what’s in store in my future of

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