College Education Benefits

College education, also known as higher education, is a course of studies that leads you to receive a degree, diploma, or certificate. In our society, college education leads to a higher salary and decreases the chance of being unemployed. Higher education doesn’t just lead us to a decent job but also leads us to individual growth. Even though college education benefits us in different ways, it puts a strain on us finically. The purpose of earning a higher education is to increase employment rates, to receive a better income than others, and can lead to better job opportunities; Although its tuition fee overwork our finical needs. As William J. Lowe explained in his article, Education Is worth the Investments, college graduates are “likely to be employed full-time” compared to less educated individuals “to be unemployed”. For instance, approximately 80% of companies are looking for people with a higher education. The reason why companies require a higher education is for the prosperity of the companies and higher educated employees have much …show more content…
It helps us start a new chapter of our life. From my experience, it has been easier for me to find job opportunities while in college than in high school. In high school I once applied to five job openings but never received a call back for an interview. In college, I have applied to 3 new jobs and have received two calls back for an interview. Companies are more liking to hire a college student than one in high school. Being in college didn’t just allow me to get a job easier but also allowed me to become more of an individual. Moving to college and be separated from my family allowed me to increase my social development. Within the next few years, I will be able to become an adult who has developed skills for the world outside of education. As a first generation college student coming from a low income family it isn’t easy to pay off

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