Benefits Of College

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A college education is a necessary prerequisite for future success because it provides you with preferable opportunities for a future career, teaches teenage high-school graduates a new sense of responsibility, and increases your chances of being hired when applying for a job.
Universities provide students with the proper education that they would need to qualify them for higher-ranking careers. In the article “8 Major Benefits of College” by Rachel Beckstead, Beckstead describes how college provides an advantage when she states, “While high school graduates can look forward to entry-level positions in non-skilled positions, graduates with a four-year bachelor’s degree will qualify for a much greater range of higher paying entry- and upper-level
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In the article, “Want to Get Into College? Learn to Fail” by Angel B. Perez, Perez, an admission officer at Pitzer College, asks a student about what they look forward to for their upcoming years in university. The student replies, “You see, my parents have never let me fail. When I want to take a chance at something, they remind me it’s not a safe route to take”. When the student states that they “want to take a chance at something”, they are displaying courage and their willingness to take a risk in order to achieve or learn something. This trait will allow them to succeed in the future because it shows that they are willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to try something new. By being restricted to taking the “safe route” by parents, young adults will not be able to learn from new experiences. Many young adults share the same experience while growing up and are constricted by the expectations and regulations of their parents. Although this approach can keep them safe, it does not allow them to learn from their own mistakes. When a student begins university, they have a new sense of freedom that they never really had. A college student has the responsibility of living on their own and taking care of themselves. Without having a constant barrier surrounding them that regulates their each and every decision, the student has the freedom to …show more content…
(degree represents knowledge) (competitive advantage) (minimum requirements) In the article, “How Does a College Degree Help Your Career?”, by Holby Dalby, the author states that graduating from a university is beneficial to your future, “having a college degree helps to make you more appealing when you’re looking for a job and opens up opportunities that might otherwise be closed to you”. When Dalby states that a degree makes you “more appealing”, she is referring to the advantage that you have over those that do not have a college education. When applying for a job, it is important to maintain a competitive profile that is attractive to those that are hiring. By having a college degree, it displays both the dedication and the knowledge and experience of the applicant. A college degree will display their determination by showing the applicant’s ability to put their mind to something and their willingness to commit to it. A college degree also certifies that the student was able to complete all academic requirements for the degree and knows all subject matter taught about the subject. This will correspondingly increase the chances of the applicant being hired when compared to applicants without college

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