Purpose Of College Education Essay

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The one thing employers look for on a résumé is an applicant's college education. Nowadays, it is harder to land a position unless you have at least your bachelor's degree. Just knowing that you graduated puts you above anyone who is straight out of high school. But why is this considered such a big deal? Isn't college just a continuation of high school? In my opinion, college has many purposes from giving you a powerful education and getting the job of your dream to helping you grow as person and find true happiness. In college, anything and everything can completely change you as a person.

For many people, the ability to earn more money is the main push behind attending a college. With just a high school diploma you only will make on average $24,000 - $33,000 a year. But can you really raise a family on minimum wage or even 5 or 10 dollars above it? According to the United States
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Education is everything and a bag of chips. Everyone wants an education for many different reasons, but the only way to get it after high school is going the college. I read an article about college that “the leading purpose of a college education is to teach work-related skills and knowledge [and is also] an opportunity for students to grow personally and intellectually" (“Purpose of College Education”). While in school, we take various classes that show us particular information required in a workplace. In order to be successful in those classes, we must start by developing skills such as responsibility and time management. We are also exposed to topics and issues that often motivate us to take up hobbies we would have before. For instance, that 1877 to present history class could make you very curious about World War II, and next thing you know, you start watching movies about Hitler and going to museums dedicated to World War II. Which helps you to be more mindful, and increase your general knowledge of the world around

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