The Value Of College Education Essay

Where do you think you will be without knowledge? Do you think you will be any different from other living creature like animals or plants if you didn 't have any education? In this modern age, Education has become like a required thing. College Education has many benefits that help you advance in life. There are some people who thinks there is no value of college and is a waste of time and money. For me, the value of college and college education is priceless. If we look at human life we don 't see Knowledge and education as one of the most important thing but they are extremely valuable. There is a quote from Brandon Travis Ciaccio saying ”The pursuit of knowledge is never ending. The day we stop seeking knowledge is the day we stop growing.” …show more content…
It is like a stepping stone in life that is essential to grow our social skills and communication skills. Social networks and friends are very important in life to progress. In college we meet people with various background and having a network of people in different places can make your life easier and helpful in future. For example, In college we make many friends and all of them are studying to become something like Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Musician, Actor, Banker etc. So knowing all these people can make your life much easier and helpful. Suppose one of your friend was working on a big company and you were applying in that company, having that one person in inside and he recommending you can help you a lot to get that job. These type of social network are not easily formed outside the college and college is the best place for it. Beside from networking and connection, college can help you to have a inner circle friends that share your passion and profession. In today’s competitive world having right people at right places can make your struggles a lot easier and

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