My Dream Job Essay

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“What we think, we become,” - Buddha. There are plenty of things I look forward to fulfilling in my life. In highschool I plan to hold nothing less then a B-, in college I want to prepare myself for my career, I will work hard to obtain my dream job and deliver all other goals I dream of doing.
As a sophomore in high school, I still have two more years left to achieve my high school goals. My first year in high school I rarely got my work turned in on time. My grades were low and I just didn’t really try much. I got my work done for the most part but I would wait till the last minute. One of my goals is to have all my grades above a B-. When I made the A Honor Roll for the first time, I was really proud of myself. I felt like I could make
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For most of my life I will spend at this job so my main priority is to be happy. If I am not enjoying my job or I absolutely hate it, then I will make my way onto something that’s better for me. For Me being happy with my career is important because I won't only be putting myself down but others around me and that's not what i want to do. I will most definitely be working toward landing my dream job of interior designing. While attending college, I will enroll in classes that will prepare me help me conclude my dream job. Money to some is not important, but for the lifestyle I want to live, I will need to have a job that can support that. To gain as much money as I can, I will have to save a great amount of the money I earn. Basicliy I plan to save my money instead of going out every weekend or buying new clothes every week. Of course I will go out but that does not mean I have to spend a fair amount of money to have a good time though. If I stick to my plan of being happy and saving up my money then I can see a great future for …show more content…
For starters, I would like to make it to state with Jozi. I only have a few more years until I wont be able to compete for state. Jozi and I definitely have the potential to do great and make it, we just need push ourselves and be the best we can. To achieve this, we will work at least twice every week. Hopefully that will be enough for us to get to state, if not then I guess we’ll just have to practice some more. Once it’s time for me to go to college, I would like to make new friends there. I’m one of those people that hates to be alone and I like knowing I’ll always have someone there for me. Boredness comes easily to me so having friends that I can go out with to have a good time is important to me. To make friends I will have to put myself out there and just be myself and hope someone likes me. After college I will work to get my dream career. I want to be happy with my career so if I am not, then I will find somewhere else where I will be happy. Along the way somewhere I wish to find myself a loving husband to be my best friend for the rest of my life. I have always wanted to have two kids so I hope I can have that. To go along with my family picture I would love to be able to get a horse or two as well if I am able to. Believing that I can someday have the happiness I

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