Charles Murray's Article: Are Too Many People Going To College?

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In our society today there are skeptics who question if an American higher education is really worth it. Some say that the financial aspect of committing to college is too high for the education your receiving. People even are saying going to college doesn’t necessarily result in a high paying career once you graduate. There are many people, and even high school graduates questioning if higher education is worth the investment in today 's world. On the other hand, authors such as Freeman Hrabowski and Sanford Unger argue that even though there are negatives in our American education system, college is still a smart investment. In today 's society, I agree that College is the smart investment for those who want to attain a higher education and …show more content…
he demonstrates arguments of how he believes there are positives and negatives to attending college. His makes a point on how college is very costly and difficult, but how it still is the best option for people who want to get a higher education. He also makes the connection with the American job market on how essential it is to have a Bachelor’s degree. Murray states that unfortunately, “Employers do not even interview applicants who do not hold a B.A (245).” Murray is explaining the brutal truth that if you don’t have a college degree, some employers will not even consider your application. The chance is significantly lower of obtaining a job for those who don’t hold a degree. I agree with Murray when he says that employers look for B.A degrees during the hiring process. The degree separates applicants from others, and obtaining a degree is a large factor when trying to get a job in today’s society. Murray builds on this point when he says, “Employers value the B.A because it is a no-cost screening device for academic ability and perseverance (245).” Murray is correct when he says this because having that degree on your resume shows that you have the perseverance to make it through college and also it shows that you have academic ability. When employers are looking at applications, those with Bachelor of Arts degrees are going to stand out from the ones without. This is yet another reason why people who look to enter the job market need to have a degree if they want to get a

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