Becoming A Learner By Matthew L. Sander Analysis

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Though my personal mission statement feels as if it was written forever ago, I still have the same ideas in mind that I believe can connect directly to our class text, Becoming a Learner by Matthew L. Sanders. Sanders puts emphasis on why we go to college, what to do in college, work and finding purpose in education. My first and foremost goal in my mission statement was wealth and/or financial security. I want to be able to provide for myself and others comfortably. Most people believe or once believed, including myself, that getting a college degree will guarantee you money, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. People usually go to college to prepare themselves for a career in their specified field, which in turn, will make them money. More and more employers are going against this ideal, the reason we go to college is to learn how to learn, not learn how to work. Sanders says “The primary purpose of college isn’t learning a specific set of professional skills; the primary purpose …show more content…
Whether that includes a lifelong career or a few different jobs until I find the right fit is still to be decided. In chapter 2 of “Becoming a Learner”, Sanders states “Overemphasizing job skills distracts us from recognizing the primary purpose of education: to become a learner”. As I stated before, I used to believe that a college degree would guarantee me the profession I desired, which unfortunately is false most of the time. College does however serve the crucial purpose of teaching you how to learn. We always want to learn how to work in college, we want to graduate with job skills that need no further instruction, but that’s not how this system works. College gives us the chance to learn how to learn, not learn how to work. If we learn how to acquire skills instead of trying to learn skills first, we will be better off finding a career that suits us. I will learn in college how to learn, which will prepare me for any job that I may

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