Why Students Should Be Allowed To Respect At School

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We the students at pine high school discover it is necessary for all of use to come together in order to get these ridiculous rules and regulations taking away that was giving by the school board of Washington parish. We here bring respect forth for the opinions we are having today. We hope that the administrators change their minds in these ridiculous rules they have made for us. All we can really do is sit back and hope for the best to come forth not the worst but most of the time the worst comes first then the best in most situations we have now today. As a high school student we should be able to have some rights and some says in some circumstances. Such as, we have the Right to happiness, the freedom of speech and etc. We sit here …show more content…
Another thing is that absence, absences shouldn’t be marked unexcused if the student did not sign out of school because technically the student didn 't leave campus. I believe that if the students have to respect their teachers then the teachers must have to also respect their students the same way the students have to respect them. Teachers should not be allowed to mistreat their students at any giving time doesn’t matter what the circumstance is. For instants, if a student was to be rude to a teacher they would be written up or sent to ISS. However, when a teacher is rude to a student or class the principle overlooks it or doesn’t even worry about it. If we are made to respect our authority, then faculty should also respect us as well too. We also believe that dress code is unnecessary to have to wear Monday-Friday. Like for instants, Females shouldn 't have to wear clothes of a certain length to school but not wear their stuff is hanging out. This rule is a struggle on some of the parents because now they have to take the kids shopping for school clothes every couple months or every year. We believe that students should be allowed to wear what anywhere at any time. One more complaint is Parking spaces at school they are small and limited. There are too many kids at this school that is driving to have a parking pass, we need more parking spots than what we have right now. And we need to move the parking spots a little closer so it want be such a far walk and sometimes be late to class or for work when trying to leave

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