Statement Of Purpose Of A College Education

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As a high school student, college is always a thought but it is a thought that is almost never followed by an action. A big reason for this is because not many students are given the opportunity to discover who they are and what they are capable of doing. Four tools that I encountered that have really benefited me toward knowing more of who I am and what my future holds are the following: FYI, MBIT, PSAT, and ASVAB. Because of these advantages, I am now a part of that small percent of high school student that has college in thought with actions and a plan to achieve my future.

When it comes to choosing your future career, academic subjects do take a big part in it. If it is unclear as to what academic subject you seem to excel in or
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So think of your future as a giant puzzle. Just because you know what kind of personality type you are and you have passing test scores doesn’t mean you are set for a successful future. A successful future is far more than just tests. Research places a magnificent role in choosing a career for your future. Not only do you have to see if it matches your interests, but you also have to research what the requirements for the specific career. Examples of thing you should keep an eye out is for the career’s employment rate, salary, skills and abilities needed, academic achievements needed, work hours, and a summary of what the career is really all about. The objective to knowing what career is perfect for you is by gaining as much information about that career as much as possible. You want to be confident in your career choice when going into college because at that point switching back and forth from specialties can only dig a bigger hole in your wallet and student loans is not easy to pay off. Many college students fall into debt because of the lack of resources presented to them in high school pertaining to preparing them with an academic future career plan. In my case, I used these advantages presented to me to inform myself with my future dream career. I, at first, wanted to become a PA (physician assistant) but my test results proved to me that I am capable of more. So with the multitude of resources at my reach, I researched deeper into more career opportunities and gained plenty of information pertaining to what it is I want to strive for which is to become a physician. Although it will require extraneous work hours and higher responsibilities, I am willing to pursue this career because of the time I dedicated into research information about this

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