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  • Scholarship Essay Sample

    share with the world. This realization inspired me to one day make a difference through the talents and skills I constantly strive to develop—even if that is simply through sharing my creations in the hopes of inspiring others. I believe going to college is the first step in this process, as it would allow me to hone my craft, abilities, and beliefs. Through my diligence and dedication, I aim to publish diverse, positive novels that bring together my audience, and art pieces that provoke a…

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  • Cliff Notes For Steve Jobs By Mitchell Kellerman

    Mitchell Kellerman Mrs. Dierig Book notes 17 January, 2016 Part I Chapter 1 Seeds- His adopted parents had no college education pg 24 His adopted parents promised he would go to college pg 28 Was a really hard toddler to raise pg 32 His farther stresses the importance of doing things right(this will become important later) pg 36 Didn't want to go to school pg 42 Moved to los altos because of rough school environment for jobs pg 48 Characters- Clara and Paul Jobs- Steve jobs' adopted parents Mrs…

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  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of Playing A Sport In College

    When you go to a college sporting event,how do you feel? Like many people, I get excited to see good games and players. I’m the first in my family to get the opportunity to play a sport in college. Playing a sport in college is a big accomplishment because you get to play a sport that you love while going to school. I’m going to be introducing myself by talking about my sports background, the college I’m going to and my major, and my plans after college. Growing up all I can remember is…

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  • College Students Need To Toughen Up Essay

    In “College Students Need to Toughen Up,” Robert Scheslinger writes about the expectation of present day collge students and their belive that they should be graded primarily upon their effort rather than the quality of work and knowledge of the subject. Throughout the article Schelsinger references professors and unniversity officials suhc as a Univwersity of Maryland professor who has alwasy told her students that if they do what’s expected of them they will earn a c. James Hogge, a university…

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  • Organized Out Of School Activities

    The word “extracurriculars” is often related to activities such as sports, clubs, etc. Although there is a wide variety of school activities to join, they result in achieving the same goals and developing the same skills down the road. The activities someone chooses to do in their free time reveals a lot about a person, that test scores cannot do. These different activities offer promising results in the shaping of children. Participation in extracurricular activities can positively affect a…

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  • Character Analysis: The Hard Truth

    Arthur M. Jackson was delusional. Not only did he nearly fail his English exam, but he also had detention for sleeping in class. His teacher, Ms. Debbie, had warned him several times to prepare for his examination in order to get into his dream college. She was also worried about other students, but not as much as Arthur. Arthur was a young man of 15 years, with jet-black hair that was styled backed neatly. He had dark rings under his eyes, which was the result of two all-nighters spent on…

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  • Yes Money Can Make You Happy Analysis

    Modern society puts high value on material possessions, whatever they may be, money is almost always necessary in order to purchase them. In his essay "Yes, Money Can Make You Happy" author Cass R. Sunstein theorizes that if the average person is given three options... a new car, remodeling your house, or having a dream vacation, that in the long run taking a vacation and the lead up to taking it will give more satisfaction and long-term happiness than a car or any material item for that matter.…

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  • Dirty Little Secrets Of Getting Your Dream Job Essay

    author, Don Raskin, simply clarifies the importance of every phase of the job search process. This is an interesting book that is not just about having success in college; it also offers practical advice beyond college and into career planning and development. Overall, this book is highly informative and provides useful information for college graduates who are preparing to enter the professional business world. One chapter from the book that has altered my perspective on professional…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Four Years Of My Life

    Giancarlo Stanton, a famous baseball player once said “High school is what kind of grows you into the person you are. I have great memories, good and bad, some learning experiences and some that I'll take with me the rest of my life.” The four years you spend in high school are supposed to be the best yet worse and hardest years of your life. You will gain some things and lose a few, but later in life realize every loss you took, and every gain you took was for the better. In the next four…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Act Of Kindness

    One morning as I was getting ready for school, something on the radio caught my attention. People were calling in and sharing stories about how someone had committed an act of kindness. This got me thinking about how I could do similar things. I came up with three different and personal ideas to bless someone during the Thanksgiving season. For my first act of kindness I wanted to do something that was very close and personal to me. My dad has a lady, named Norma, come and clean his business.…

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