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  • Unknown Base Titration

    The unknown base concentration of a sodium hydroxide solution can be determined by titration potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) with an unknown concentration of sodium hydroxide NaOH. The average molarity of NaOH determine by the moles and volume of the KHP and NaOH. (Eq 1). KHC8H4O4(aq) + NaOH(aq) = H2O(l) + NaKC8H4O4(aq) (Eq 1) The unknown concentration of white vinegar can be determined by the white vinegar with the known concentration of…

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  • Molar Concentration Lab Report

    of the pH meter. • To find a stoichiometric point using a functional graphical method. • To discern the molar concentration of a specific weak acid solution. • To compute the molar mass of a specific weak acid utilized within the experiment. • To calculate the pKa of a weak concentrated acid within the experiment. Procedure 1. Molar Concentration of a Weak Acid Solution • Obtain an unknown acid solution (90 mL) and three 250 mL beakers. Make sure the beakers are clean. • Acquire 0.1 M of NaOH…

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  • Acid Rain Research Paper

    as a basic to acid indicator ("Definition of acid in English:"). Alkalis is any kind of substance that can produce OH ions, hydroxide ions, in water, which can also be known as 'basic', or 'basicity' ("GCSE CHEMISTRY - What is an Alkali? - What is a Base? - GCSE SCIENCE."). Litmus is a weakly acidic, organic…

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  • Ibuprofen Experiment

    Purpose Ibuprofen is one of the most common over-the-counter medications. It reduces pain and inflammation by limiting certain hormones. The drug is taken orally, usually in the form of a pill, and is absorbed into the bloodstream once it dissolves. Both human saliva and human stomach acid aid in dissolving the pill. Human saliva has a pH of about 6, and stomach acid has a pH of approximately 2. The purpose of this investigation is to discover whether the pH of a solution will affect the time…

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  • Case Study Max's Urine

    1. The color of Max’s urine tells Tracy what the concentration is because the darker the urine color, the more concentrated it is. The clearer it is, the less concentrated it is. Urine pigment correlates with specific gravity because the more concentrated (darker) a urine sample is, the higher the specific gravity will be as well. 2. Based on the urine color and specific gravity, Tracey is able to conclude Max’s hydration status during the different recorded stages. Before he exercises, Max’s…

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  • Gunsmithing Reflection Assignment

    This week's reflection assignment consists of one video. It features Mr. Larry Potterfield (founder, and CEO of Midway USA) as the presenter. The video is titled "Gunsmithing: How to properly polish the metal parts on a Remington 700". Mr. Potterfield begins his first video by stating the objective, polishing metal parts. In his hands, he holds the barrel of a Remington 700 series rifle. It appears as if the rifle has definitely seen some cleaner days, in my opinion. This is a skill every…

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  • Chlorine Bleach Lab Report

    As you can see, the data recovered from this experiment is very unusual. This is the interpretation and analysis the experiment regarding the cleaning power of the chlorine bleach produced by Clorox and laundry detergent produced by Oxiclean. This interpretation is essential to understand the data and how effective each of the independent variables in this experiment are. As an analysis, there were many key points that made this data relevant. Regarding the coffee, both of the cleaners did quite…

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  • Lab 4.3 Lab

    REFLECTIONS FOR LAB 4- FRICTION Lab 4.1 to 4.3 is about all the different frictions. We did 3 different labs. 4.1 was pulling a block across different surfaces and finding the difference in friction. 4.2 was about pulling multiple blocks across different surfaces and finding the difference in friction. 4.3 was about pulling blocks but in a bigger surfaces area. In Lab 4.1 we had to pull different blocks across different surfaces. The surfaces were a tabletop, wax paper, paper towel, fine…

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  • Unknown Substance Molarity

    Introduction This accuracy lab of titration report experiment will discuss how to find the unknown substance molarity. By using some of the lab equipment to help guide and identify the molarity of the unknown substance. I believe that it will take around three hundred drops of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) for it to be able to reach to its endpoint of the unknown substance. My reason behind my hypothesis is… Methods In this lab experiment we use a buret to…

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  • Isolation Of Naphthalene Lab Report

    Introduction In this experiment, the goal was to isolate an organic substance. Using extraction, a basic, acidic, and neutral substance was expected to be extracted from the original unknown compound. Extraction is a process that allows the separation of substances that were previously mixed together through the use of a solvent1. This can be useful in situations where the substance has both the desired product and undesired byproducts in it. In order for extraction to work, the solvent must…

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