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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    J. Connolly et.al [28] also propose a wearable rehab technology for automatic measurement of patients with arthritis. They put forward the ideas surrounding the development of an accurate hand measuring tool to assist medical clinicians and rheumatologists in the accurate measurement of finger and thumb movement of the human hand. Angle measuring instruments, tape measure and grip strength dynamometer are used to assess the joint range and function of a patient to determine their hand function. Self-questionnaires used determine a person’s ability to perform daily tasks are open to interpretation problems. Moreover, Emma Fortune et.al [29] propose a study for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In this study, an algorithm to estimate the physical activity…

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  • Reflection On Letter From A Birmingham Jail By Martin Luther King

    Predicting trends in technology is notoriously difficult; often, the expected technological innovations never materialize (such as flying cars), while others take radically different forms (such as the smartphone). In looking at the current trends, and where technology will be five years out, two in particular stand out as being especially interesting. First, in the last several years, many technology companies have entered the wearable technology space. Such technology includes everything from…

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  • Pervasive Computing And Ubiquitous Computing

    INTRODUCTION Ubiquitous computing (or "ubicomp") is a concept in software engineering and computer science where computing is made to appear anytime and everywhere. In contrast to desktop computing, ubiquitous computing can occur using any device, in any location, and in any format. A user interacts with the computer, which can exist in many different forms, including laptop computers, tablets and terminals in everyday objects such as a fridge or a pair of glasses. The underlying technologies to…

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  • Virtual Reality In Cognitive Psychology

    realistically to the viewer’s actions”. It made fundamental contributions in the area of human-computer interaction, being one of the first graphical user interfaces. It exploited the light pen, the predecessor of the mouse, allowing the user to point at and interacts with…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality

    Use of different type of sensors such as sensor to calculate temperature of environment, sensor that scans the environment using infrasonic sound , camera embedded with AI software packages which can easily mimic the captured environment and many more of the sensor are still being developed to make a perfect virtual interaction which has been only possible due to extreme research and invention in computer…

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  • Improving Patient Monitoring

    selecting ECG signal as a sample biomedical is that ECG signals generally show redundancy between adjacent heartbeats because of their structure. This redundancy implies a high degree of common support between consecutive heartbeats. Long-term records of ECG signals have been commonly used to detect information from the heart diseases. That is why the quantity of data grows expressively, and compression is required for reducing the storage and transmission times. Our research reportisan…

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  • The Advants And Disadvantages Of Sixth Sense Technology

    So, you can bring it anywhere you want.  Supports multi-touch and multi-use interaction.  This device turns any surface into an interactive display which is used to feeds our desired digital information and we control everything simply by using our hand-gesture.  Provide a seamless connection between world and information.  This device acts as a computer and saves lots of time for searching any information.  It is cost effective.  You can access and manipulate the real time data.  Mind…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Use Of Technology

    research and surveys show a positive correlation between technology and the social and mental functions of older adults. The use of technology has lead to positive aging where older adults are being empowered to lead satisfying lives and cope with health-related issues such as depression and isolation. Depression can be injurious, especially in older adults, affecting their mood, social life and memory. Marek van de Watering, a computer technologist and an information science student at the…

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  • The Glass Cage

    In the book “The Glass Cage How Our Computers Are Changing Us” by Nicholas Carr, discusses about factory robots and self-driving cars, wearable computers and digitized medicine, as he explores the hidden costs of granting software dominion over our work and our leisure. Automation has become a huge beneficial factor in the world as we know it. Everywhere we look computers and robots are slowly taking away certain jobs and tasks, but have substantially improved our lives. Without manufacturing…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Design?

    not notice. Technology allows us to make our life more convenient regarding work, study, shopping… etc. The design of a product has enormous different with past few generation. For instance, the initial invented computer to portable tablet computer, the amazing evolution of computer is one of the significant achievement to prove the rapid growth of technology. The first electronic general-first computer, known as ENIAC was designed by the engineers in the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore…

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