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  • Sulphuric Acid Case Study

    3. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS OF SULPHURIC ACID PRODUCTION 1. Safety Aspects 1. Basic Safety Aspects due to Physical properties and behaviour of Sulfuric acid. Basically, we know attention is paramount when adding water to a highly concentrated acid and this is the case with sulphuric acid which is highly risky. Sulfuric acid can have serious adverse effects like burns if it contacts the skin. This is due to the dehydrating properties of the acid on organic materials. Also, when the…

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  • Hysteresis Lab Report

    Question 1: pH can be described as a measure of acidity or basicity (Alkalinity) of a solution. It is exactly equal in amount to the negative log of the concentration of hydronium(H3O+) ions. Due to the negative log relationship, increased hydronium ions transform to lower pH. When we add it to water, an acid releases hydrogen ion. Hydrogen ions in water unite with the water molecules to form hydronium ions, thereby lowering the pH and increasing the acidity of water. Water exposed to air is…

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  • Sea Bass Research Paper

    fish muscle differed depending on the season. g/100 g fish muscle Chemical constituents 77.30 ± 0.53 Moisture 18.85 ± 0.34 Crude protein 2.50 ± 0.29 Total lipid 1.51 ± 0.61 Ash Table (1): Proximate chemical composition of sea bass fillets (on wet bases). Values are mean ± standard error from triplicate determinations. They also reported that there is an inverse relationship between moisture and…

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  • Red Cabbage Experiment Ph Level

    water, which is made of hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen in the water can make a solution into an acid or a base. How do you tell if something is an acid or a base? You use a chemical called an indicator, which changes in color when it goes from an acidic to basic. There are many different types of indicators, some are liquids and some are concentrated…

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  • Acidic Rain Lab Report

    Background: Acidic rain or acid deposition is predominantly caused by air pollution. Acid deposition in the form of gasses and microscopic particles, floating in the air, is called dry deposition. However, wet deposition is in the form of precipitation. As a result of chemicals being released from human productions, great amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are respired into the atmosphere, where rain and gas matter is polluted. Once both sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide come in…

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  • Multip Ph Lab Report

    basic. For instance, a pH of two is going to be an acidic liquid. Thus, a pH of twelve would be measured as a basic liquid. Additionally, a strip of litmus paper will demonstrate that a solution contains an acid. However, if the solution contains a base the paper will turn blue, and if it turns red the solution is an acid. Also, like the litmus paper, Multip-pH is a paper impregnated with an indicator solution. The paper is dipped in the solution and is matched with a pH color chart.…

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  • Exploring PH Levels

    PH levels are a measure of how acidic or basic your beverage is. They show what beverages are more acidic, like soda, and what beverages are more basic, like water. It’s measured on a scale from one to fourteen. One through six are the acid levels, seven is the only neutral level, and eight through fourteen are the basic levels. First, get 2 drinks of choice and pour them into two different cups. Then, record its pH level, as well as the room temperature. Next, take another liquid and mix it…

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  • H2o4-9 Final

    Assessment Directions: Choose the correct answer from the choices below. 1. The mass of an atom expressed relative to the mass of? A. Carbon-6 C. Carbon-12 B. Carbon-10 D. Carbon 2. It is defined as the number of atoms of that element equal to 12.0 grams of an isotope of Carbon. A. Molar Mass C. Particles B. Stoichiometry D. Mole 3. The first step in every Stoichiometry Problems is to? A. Balance the equation C. Solve the mass of the…

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  • Vinegar Lab

    Vinegar Dilute and Impure Acetic Acid or better known as vinegar is a compound formed by the chemical reaction of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The composition of vinegar is acetic acid (C2H4O2) and water. Also, the formula for this compound is CH3COOH. These elements are nonmetals,so the type of bond that this substance made is covalent. Vinegar has many kind of properties and utilization in several ways. For example, it can be use for food preparation, cleaning and health. When added in…

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  • Chemical Reactions

    ways. It is important and useful to know all the different types of reactions because they often refer the reactions as being of one type or another. The first reaction is Acid-base (Neutralization) Reaction. A neutralization reaction occurs when an acid and base are mixed together. The compound formed by the cation of the base and the anion of the acid is called a salt. The combination of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide produces common table salt. An example is…

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