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  • The American Dream: Leading Cause Of Crime

    The, “American Dream,” is practically the leading cause of crime in the United States. Why do people commit crimes? Often for money and personal gain, but why? Often you will see people who commit crimes just to make ends meet, but more often than not you see people committing an excess of crime, and why do you think they do this? To live the “American Dream” and give their lives a sense of meaning. Wealth is glamorized in today’s culture. When you have role models, athletes, politicians, and celebrities that are all filthy rich, it’s hard for people not to want to be wealthy. The American Dream creates tensions between classes especially. You can see this in different genders, races, classes and you can see it in things like media, music,…

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  • Domestic Violence And Structural Violence

    illegal activity. “ Between 1984 and 1992 the average salary in the informal sector grew by 10%, while in the formal sector the increase was only 3%.”(Rubio 805-816) In a greater sense, the growth of the Colombian economy is powered informal sector. Consequently, the elite, upper class and upper middle class are the main bodies behind this growth. Therefore, the poorer part of the community is left with scarce resources, uneducated and exploited. The greatest challenge, as a result, is security…

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  • Gender Inequality In The Civil War

    be seen as equal, and according to the top five areas of thriving, Afghanistan ranks the worst on three out of the five, which are social, purpose and financial, and are still close to the worst in the two, community and physical, categories (The 10 best and worst countries for people to live, n.d.). Issues that still plague the United States today that seem to keep coming back around in every generation, are wealth, gender, and racial inequalities. Wealth Inequality Wealth inequality can…

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  • Media Fragmentation Analysis

    Income Inequality, Media Fragmentation, And Increased Political Polarization by John Duca looks at the several factors that has increased polarization in the United States. First Duca examined the concept of income inequality. Income inequality is the concept that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and polarization is created from policies that cause that concept to only increase. Duca puts his hypothesis to test by comparing house polarization (Congress) to income inequality trends.…

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  • World Hunger Essay

    philanthropy organization, showed that the world’s 100 richest people earned enough in 2012 to end extreme poverty four times over(Oxfam 2012).The argument here is that there are people with more money than they need and that this money should be used to help the people who need it to survive. Education is the singular, most liberating force from poverty that exists and it is what many of the poorer countries are missing. The educational sectors in many of these countries are floundering, at…

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  • Leonard Pitts Here's The Real Face Of Poverty

    “Here’s the Real Face of Poverty,” is a article written by Leonard Pitts, a commentator. Pitts argues against how Republicans view what is poverty and what being poor really looks and feels like in today’s society. Pitts also discusses the hypocrisy with Republicans as well. In today’s world, poverty is known to be people who are on welfare and foodstamps and feed off the government assistance. On T.V you see them living in broken homes and if you are lucky, you might just see them with both…

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  • Poverty Level In The United States

    Many college students do not have the power or wealth to get into a prestige college, than the other college student with money sufficient for a prestige collage has a better opportunity of getting in then the college student with less money. That individual who could afford to go to the best college is now graduating from college, he most likely is going to get a real good job making more money than the individual who is not able to afford the upper class college. This individual will probably…

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  • Working Class And Middle Class Essay

    distribution of social wealth, earn largest profit from economic growth. And then their “economic power finds its way into enormous influence in politics as well.”(Zweig, 2001, P.10)…

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  • The Theme Of Poverty In 'A Modest Proposal' By Jonathan Swift

    “Poverty” The Never Ending Story Poverty is not the lack of money in your bank; it’s the lack of opportunity to succeed. After reading “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift, it is clear that poverty is something that is almost impossible to escape. Since the beginning of time, the saying has been true; “the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer”. We see beggars on the side of the street and turn our heads the opposite way. Society has learned to hate those in need, because the wealthy…

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  • Munk Argument Essay

    rate for the rich is a strategy to force them to give out their money with the idea that they are owing the government. It also will pass a wrong signal to the rich and the society, “Why waste your time? If you get successful enough, we’re going to rip you off.” He raised good points by making these statements and including the questions he asked. This was one of the strengths from the CON side as they were able to put themselves in these rich people’s situations. They could tell what kind of…

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