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  • Charles Loring Brace: The Children's Aid Society

    the United States in foster homes by Orphan Trains. The program accountable for such as task was a non-profit organization that was determined to help the displaced children due to an increase of immigrants and the Civil War. The overall goal was to redistribute work forces and find homes for displaced children. The Children’s Aid society which is a non-profit organization founded in 1853 by Charles Loring Brace was the main contributor to the Orphan Trains program in the United States…

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  • The Orphan Trains Documentary

    Orphan Trains Orphan trains is a documentary about children in New York, being sent on trains to other parts of the country, in order to find families and be taken care of. There are stories from, adults that actually rode on these trains when they were children. The Orphan Trains was started by a man named Charles Loring Brace in 1854. Brace, had traveled to New York in the early 1850’s, and was horrified at the conditions of all the children he saw on the street. Brace felt that it was a duty…

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  • Narrative Essay On Skytrain

    I had got use to having the skytrain doors shut in my face. No matter how confused or scared someone looked, no one had the time to stop or help a lost person. The ride back home seemed to be longer than usual and I could not help but notice the nervous group of kids trying to figure out the directions. Looking at them reminded me of the time when I first used the skytrain without any adult supervision. I vividly remember the struggle my little cousin and I faced just to get back home. It…

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  • Keturah Belknap Case Study

    Another important task of some women was to sew the canvas on top of the wagon and sometimes used the assistance of family members and friends to complete this task. The cloth was used in order to protect them from the weather they were going to encounter in addition to protecting them from the occasion brutal rays of the sun. In the case of Keturah Belknap, we are informed about the preparation for the long and anguishing trip to the west and the difficulties of having to say goodbye to…

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  • Smart Transportation System Analysis

    6. Smart Transportation System It aims to improve travel safety and travel efficiency while bringing up a sustainable transportation system. The information collected from the system can support transportation mangers in making decision, facilitate rational utilization of resources, and provide inspiration for the future development. This smart transportation system helps travelers to reduce travel times, delay, and the stress of travel so that benefit the whole transportation sector to reduce…

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  • Funk Music Analysis

    not always explicitly understood through the lyrics. Funk music opened the door for a particular subculture, black youth, to take their form of dance expression and broadcast it across the United States through the culturally important program Soul Train. In particular, the importance of individual, creative dance broke the mold of many of the dancing trends in music that preceded it. This important aspect of musical expression transcended the era of funk and to this day dancing is still just as…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Manslamming

    Breslaw’s steps in her experiment shows how committed she is in showing the results. Although the destination Breslaw went on is quite busy, she took an approach in the train station. The results were the same, but in this situation men gave no space for women to sit down. Not only has the problem occurred on the streets, but also in train stations and in front of cafes; to show that it is not in just one area but…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Journey To Pune City

    “Tu kothe jata ahesa”? Travel brokers inquired us as we reached to the sevagi nagar bus depot. Kalpesh More avoided them and took us directly into the station and checked for a bus leaving to Nashik. We got into a dusty but well seated bus and loaded are luggage on to the shelf. While relaxing till the bus leaves my mind started wondering in curiosity about my first journey out of Pune city. It was a sudden invitation by Kalpesh to myself and eranda to participate in his cousin sister’s wedding…

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  • Life After Partition

    The novel Train to Pakistan, by Khushwant Singh, takes place during Partition. It is a tumultuous world: horrific. violent, and chaotic. This world provides a shocking backdrop, one of murder, betrayal, rape, and torture. This setting allows for a fascinating story to occur and to truly understand the nature of the characters in…

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  • Perception Of Safety In Transport In Australia

    transport. The rest of respondents (27%) did not feel safe while boarding. Public transport in Melbourne including trains, buses and trams. Public transportation in Melbourne is often seen as having the lowest threat and crime, it is normally safe and secure. Therefore, the majority of the respondents who were interviewed (73%) may think that it is safe on public transport. This is because trains, buses and trams generally have dedicated travel paths that are safer and faster than using private…

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