Mahayana sutras

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  • The Nine Billion Names Of God Analysis

    Arthur C. Clarke couldn’t have chosen a better title for this brilliant science fiction short story. I’m a sucker for a story with a good title. “The Nine Billion Names of God" revolves around Tibetan Buddhist monks who plan to put together a list that consists of all the names of God. The story opens with Dr. Wagner-- he is asked to work on an automatic sequence computer (Mark V.) that can carry out letters by the lama. They need a computer with letters, so they can write the names of God. Obviously, a computer with only numbers won’t be able to carry it out the task. One of the engineers hired by the lama for three months to work on the computer soon figures out what happens once the Tibetan Buddhist monks type down the last name of God. The world ends. That’s pretty much a stock theme in science fiction typically dealing with post-apocalyptic or apocalyptic settings/issues. Nevertheless, eschatology is a common theme in “The Nine Billion Names of God." *** The conflict is Chuck nor George want to face any blame if what the monks believed that would happen didn’t come to fruition. I liked this part of the story most for a multitude of reasons because it reveals the overall meaning. Sometimes we as humans take on things that we don’t want to or don’t necessarily believe in. More importantly, when it comes to religion and the beliefs of others we are often judgmental. The lack faith played a role in “The Nine Billion Names of God." They didn’t believe in the task at first…

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  • Vajrayana Buddhism Essay

    Mahayana is the largest division of Buddhism, so it is only appropriate to talk about this branch first. Mahayana is the dominant type of Buddhism in China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Vietnam, and a few different countries. Since its starting point around 2,000 years prior, Mahayana Buddhism has separated into many sub-schools and factions with an immense scope of tenets and practices. This incorporates Vajrayana schools, for example, some branches of Tibetan Buddhism, which are frequently considered…

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  • Spread Of Buddhism Essay

    As such, a shift commenced within the established belief systems. Buddhism which initially did not support a life under deities began to experience a morphing from within. It was not long before Buddha himself was deified, well after the death of Siddhartha, marking the birth of the Mahayana Schools that promoted Mahayana Buddhism. Unlike its other counterpart, Mahayana Buddhism well-established the Bodhisattvas, a group of enlightened deity-like individuals who would stay behind from entering…

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  • Change In Religion

    the mind and soul to the Buddha. This religion asks for those that are committed to Buddhism to completely abandon their present lives for a completely new one. This is obviously too much to ask for most people, considering the extreme in this religion. In “Mahayana Buddhism: The Lotus Sutra, c. 100 C.E.,” it states that “Buddhas are difficult indeed to meet,/ Encounter but once in a million aeons.” From this, it explains the sacrifice in this type of Buddhism, and the reason for the creation of…

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  • Death In Buddhism

    of Death in Buddhism, I have come to realize that just as in other major religions, the traditions of the Buddhist who is facing death can vary greatly depending on culture, location, and type of Buddhism one believes in. However, there are several main ideas that are generally followed by all Buddhist groups. For example, all Buddhists find that “only an individual who has achieved the highest goal of Buddhism, namely Enlightenment of Awakening (nirvana or Bodhi) is free from rebirth” and “some…

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  • The Importance Of Silence In Ghosh's 'Hungry Tide'

    Silence is an important aspect of the Hindu tradition. Silence is a preparation, a way of knowing oneself, and also of knowing the world, as is revealed in the tapashyaa(s) (meditation) of the muni(s) (sages). In fact, the word ‘muni’ has its origin in the Sanskrit word ‘mauna’, meaning silence, the maintenance of which is believed to inculcate power and knowledge, as opposed to speech that saps all energy. Silence, as a spiritual entity, is common both in the Buddhist philosophy and in the…

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  • According To Hindu Mythology: The Exodus Of Kamiri Pandits

    Name: Vrinda Datta Roll no : 60065 College: Hindu Professor: Dr Anil Aneja. M.A English fourth semester. The Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits 1) According to Hindu mythology, the valley of Kashmir is said to have been named after the ancient sage rishi Kashyapa. Kashmiri Pandits are said to be the original inhabitants of the valley. The term Kashmiri Pandits refer to the Hindu Brahmins who have a five thousand year old ancestry and culture . There roots can be…

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  • Women's Role In Buddhism Essay

    It is clear that the role of women, especially in the Eastern religion of Buddhism, is a significant one. Western religions are rather forthright about a woman 's position in their tradition. For example, most Western religions; not including the Roman Catholic Church, grant women the ability to be in a leadership role within their own religious community. Yet, the big contrast in the Eastern religion is found in the philosophical and/or scriptural mentality against women versus the actual,…

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  • Dalai Lama Research Paper

    Arab Open University Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) FACULTY OF LANGUAGE STUDIES AA100A TMA COVER FORM (First Semester 2014-15) Branch: Jordan Program: English Language and Literature Course Title: The Arts Past and Present Course Code: AA100A Student Name: Mahmood Saad Al-Khayyat Section Number: 2 Student ID: 2140444 Tutor Name: Ms.Ola WHO IS DALAI LAMA? The Dalai Lama is known as the leader monk of Tibetan Buddhism and by tradition, is responsible for governing the Himalayan…

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  • Hsi Lai Temple Essay

    Boyu Sun (861144976) Religions 005 Section: 028 Site Visit Hsi Lai Temple In the morning on October 31st, I arrived Hsi Lai Temple, which is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the United States. Just like many temples I had been before, His Lai temple is located on a mountain surrounded by trees, where is quite and peaceful. When I walked close the temple, I smelled thurification and heard sound of Buddha song, and it made me have an illusion that I am already in the temple. The first site…

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