High School: A Short Story

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It was a bright and sunny Monday morning. It marked the beginning of the week at where children began school and parents when to work. It was an ordinary day for everyone else but for high school student Matt Burns this would be the worst morning of his life.
Matt woke up that morning, tired and not ready to face the day. He tried to burry himself from the blinding sunlight that had made its way into his room. He stared up at the ceiling trying to find the strength to get up and leave his warm comfy bed for the hell hole known as high school. After lying there for about five minutes he promptly got up and got ready for the day by putting on a new shirt on, brushing his teeth and hair, and then going downstairs with his backpack to eat breakfast.
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There was some trouble on Grand Central and there are no express trains today and no trains running from Queens Borough Plaza to Times Square” the woman said to him.
“Thank you ma’am” Matt said as he stepped away heading towards a door and sitting down on an empty seat. The car had started to fill up with people, and soon there were no more empty seats left for people to sit on, so instead they started to stand in the train car leaning on poles and standing by the doors. After ten minutes of waiting the car filled to the point where people could no longer fit, the doors then started to close.
“Stand clear the closing doors please” an automated voice said over the PA system of the train followed by a little ring. The doors closed but another person tried to jump in making the doors open again, and the person barley squeezed through. The door opened again delaying the train a bit more. “Stand clear the closing doors please” the voice said again, followed by a ding. The doors finally closed. “This is a Manhattan Bound 7 local train the next stop is Willets Point”. The train finally began to move and Matt shut his eyes trying to catch on some sleep. After forty minutes of peaceful sleeping matt woke up from a tap on the
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“Oh, thank you for waking me” he said to the woman. The woman said nothing just smiled at him and walked out the door. Matt followed her out the door and waited for the next tain that would take him into Manhattan and finally to school. He waited patiently along with everybody else, the train platform was getting crowded. Matt looked around trying to find a clock that would tell him the time. He saw a digital clock that hung above the platform it read 8:05. Twenty-five, he had only twenty-five minutes to get to school on time. Matt looked at the end of the platform, waiting of the bright lights of the train to pull into the station, he rocked back and forth wearing a worrying look on his face when he saw that it wasn’t coming anytime soon. Then suddenly the train came chugging along into the station, the people around him suddenly became alert and huddled towards the doors, matt did the same trying to be one of the first people to get in the train. The train came to a slow halt and then opened the doors, since no one was getting of the train everyone on the platform immediately rushed forward trying to get into the train. All seats were now taken and Matt had to stand awkwardly in the middle of the train along with everybody else. He tried to extend his arm to reach a pole to hold while the train was in motion. Matt tired holding on the pole which was also being used by several

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