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  • Ttc Informative Speech

    destroying yourself? Well if you don’t like doing any of those things, why don’t you go on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) also known as the Public Transit. People always say that cars are the best means of transportation, and that buses and trains are horrible because they take to long, or they cost to much. However you should look at it in a different way, I will explain all of this later. Now let’s start explaining why you should take the TTC. To begin, I find it necessary to give you a…

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  • Descriptive Essay About New York City

    despite the hustling of the city’s anti-social inhabitants the gut-wrenching smell of hot dogs and smoke, and the boring view of towering concrete buildings. People scurry like ants through the maze of streets attempting to make it to their subway train on time. Hundreds of people fill the streets, creating a wall that is nearly impossible to push through. They look straight ahead, making a point not to talk to anyone. Others have their noses in their phones and a coffee in their hands. People…

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  • Perception Of Safety In Transport In Australia

    transport. The rest of respondents (27%) did not feel safe while boarding. Public transport in Melbourne including trains, buses and trams. Public transportation in Melbourne is often seen as having the lowest threat and crime, it is normally safe and secure. Therefore, the majority of the respondents who were interviewed (73%) may think that it is safe on public transport. This is because trains, buses and trams generally have dedicated travel paths that are safer and faster than using private…

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  • Growing Up In Washington Heights And New York City

    Manhattan is mostly populated by Dominican people; these immigrants were willing to do anything and everything to make a living. The MTA(Metropolitan Transportation Authority )consist of 468 stations, and covers about 5,000-square-mile in region. The Trains and busses are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. There is 4,373 buses, and a bust stop within every two blocks. With this being said it was very easy to access the other four boroughs, to sell they’re drugs. Washington Heights…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To Colorado

    Colorado a place where there are beautiful snowy mountains and a bunch of scenery. A girl from Los Angeles, California that would be the weirdest thing to imagine for someone who grew up around beaches and warm weather all the time. That girl was me, I just learned that I was moving from sunny California to bi-polar weather Colorado. Learning that I was moving to a completely different state was one of the hardest and weirdest things for me. During the months of September and October my…

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  • The Importance Of Transportation Management

    The policy environment of transportation affects transit managers by enforcing procedure or protocol that may conflict with the transit agency’s goals and mission. Transit managers are responsible for coordinating and overseeing the work activities to ensure that they comply with national, state, and local transportation policies. It is important for transportation managers to understand different policies because it provides guidance to an efficient and effective transportation agency. For…

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  • Wildlife Veterinarian

    Introduction The veterinary profession is challenging and exciting to begin with, but the niche of wildlife medicine is even more so. It is a highly competitive field with additional training and accreditation needed to compete for a limited number of positions (Learning Path, 2015). To those passionate about the field, these challenges are mitigated by the rewards of a diverse, dynamic, and incredibly hands-on job. One of the wildlife veterinarian employers in Western Canada is the Calgary…

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  • The Plots In Buster Keaton's The General

    Train robberies, the Civil War and a damsel in distress. These are the major plots of Buster Keaton’s The General. The General premiered in 1926 and was written and directed by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman. The film stars Keaton as train-loving, everyman, Johnny Gray and Marion Mack as Gray’s sweetheart, Annabelle Lee. The General monopolizes on the success of chase films such as The Great Train Robbery to create a film that seamlessly combines drama, action and comedy. In fact, these three…

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  • Ethnophaulism In Fruitvale Station

    While riding on a subway train Oscar ran into a girl who he had aided earlier that day. As she started thanking him for everything that he had done for her, the man who was in prison with Grant had seen him talking and decided to start fighting with Grant. The fight escalated and the police officers arrived at the next train station stop. The four African American men that were involved in the fight were taken off the train and slammed up against the walls. The police officers…

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  • Ms. Palsgraf V. Long Island Railroad Case Study

    employees Man catching the train carrying the unknown fireworks Issue: How is the duty of care determined for Ms. Palsgraf safety while on the platform of the train station? Does the Long Island Railroad Co. owe that duty to Ms. Palsgraf? Is the Log Island Railroad Co. responsible for the actual and proximate case of Ms. Palsgraf injuries? Facts: The plaintiff (Palsgraf) was standing on a train platform, when a man carrying a package rushed to board a moving train owned by the defendant…

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