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  • Hills Like White Elephant Analysis Essay

    Hills Like White Elephants: Analysis In this short video, a man and a woman are portrayed at a train station, waiting for their train to arrive. While they wait, they converse with each other and have a few drinks. During their conversation, there were several clues that I noticed with nonverbal and verbal communication. Each of them communicated very differently, but neither of them were very effective in the ways that they communicated or approached topics. I will break up the story into…

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  • The Chosen Affinity: Uprising Analysis

    The Chosen Affinity: Uprising 1 They all said life would be better here. Trapped in a tiny train with about 6 other people. We were around 15 years old, some older, some younger, three guys and three girls. The train took off yesterday with no known location. My twin brother and I had received a letter in the mail a few weeks prior. Mine came with a one way ticket and a letter my parents had quickly snatched from me and would not allow me to read. After they had fallen asleep however, I snuck…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jason's Life

    excited to go back home”. Mike replies “ yes I sure am.” Mike thought his conversation with Jason ended but it did not, Jason asked “ So how much did your train ticket cost for the holidays? How far advance did you buy your ticket for? Jason replies “Well …Well I got my ticket a long time ago and it was really cheap but ..but I don’t really have a train ticket at the moment”. Mike then begins to think twice why he said that and feels that Jason might tell the conductor that he does not have a…

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  • Across A Hundred Mountains Analysis

    lady from America or England. The setting consists of the couple sitting outside a bar in a train station in Spain. What makes this story so enduring is the fact that it is a coming of age tale. During the course of waiting for the train, the young women grows from a naïve girl into a woman, fully in charge of her destiny. The struggle between the couple reaches a climax right before they board the train to Madrid. Although it is uncertain what the topic of their argument is about, I believe…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Drive To Long Road

    plans with my friends outside of my city. A few plans were made, but one particular plan had me excited enough to follow through. My friend, Olivia had introduced the idea of her visiting me. She planned on taking a train to Long Beach, and from there I’d be able to pick her up at the train station. After the plans were made I went to clarify it with my mother. My mother was extremely wary about the idea. The anticipation of a drivers license turns into a terrible trip for a friend. The…

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  • The Man From Skibbereen Character Analysis

    makes many friends and enemies in his new homeland, America. Crispin is a hardworking man and one of the few gentlemen in west. The exposition of The Man from Skibbereen is young man named Crispin coming to America from Ireland. He is going on a train west to help build the railroad. When he gets off at a station to stretch his legs he accidentally gets left behind. He finds…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Remembering On The Wechat

    The girl said: “every day I am waiting for you. It’s just exhausted. At first I thought you would come back if I just wait for one more minute, but now I know there’s no point to waiting for you any more, because just like you could never get on a train in an airport, I could never expect the wrong person on the wrong place in a wrong time.” On that day they broke up. However, few years later, the Hongqiao Airport and the Hongqiao Railway station was linked together, and the designer is the boy…

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  • Ernest Hemingway White Elephant Analysis

    The author of this essay Ernest Hemingway used a white elephant to make understand the gravity of the decision the girl had to make in regards to her relationship with the American man. The main focus of this essay involves the complications that arise when a relationship faces with an unexpected pregnancy, especially in the early twenty century. The term white elephant means a gift that is not necessary and unfortunately, it cost more to keep and maintain the gift. This essay will focus on the…

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  • Okey Ndibe's Arrows Of Rain

    everyday situations. Upon reflection, I came to find that I utilized many techniques prescribed by the detectives in this course while researching a high school project. I was given the task of uncovering the history of a local landmark long forgotten, a train station. Despite this landmark’s rich history many people were unaware of its significance. My job was to do extensive research on the station and record its story. This way residents would…

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  • Sound Of Trains Case Study

    The sound of trains There is an elevated railway above the street that is used for the presentation. The train is invisible from the sight of the passenger in the vehicle. When the distance between the vehicle and the coach becomes tight, the sound inside the carriage is displayed from the car stereo. The location of the rail line is reproducing based on the transport timetable. Therefore, the announcement inside the passenger car and broadcasting in the railway platform, which flies out from…

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