Jefferson Smith Goes To Washington Analysis

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Mr. Smith goes to Washington
1. How does Jefferson Smith become a senator? Also, compare his characteristics with the other candidates.
Given the difficulty of finding a suitable Senator, just mentioning the name of Jefferson Smith, a young idealist full of innocence and American ideals of democracy, a subject that seems easy to handle and deceive. If Smith already is quite naive, the young man also relies heavily on his colleague, Senator Paine, since he and his father were close friends from youth. For this reason, Paine encourages him to carry forward a draft law on a youth camp funded by children to keep him distracted. Clarissa Saunders is the assistant of Smith, a young and cynical woman who knows all the framework of corruption who which
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He then started talking and the free law opened and began to explain law by law which took about 27 hours until a Senator entered letters. Forge said that they should stop everything they are doing since it is worse. Despite that, they continued forward until he fainted, and managed to win the case with the cancellation of the dam project. The speakers purchased by a Senator began to say bad things about Smith that by the will are causing many problems.
4. What does the film say about democracy? After watching the film, how has your view of “democracy” changed?
It can be concluded that there is freedom of expression since Taylor and Pain Senators take advantage of the innocence of Jefferson Smith seeking personal interests. However, Jefferson realized that he was used as a puppet of the Senators Taylor and Pain but at the end of their struggle, Jefferson came out victorious because they realized that he said truth. You must know things without being influenced into the fulfilling of a true democracy and without being used as a puppet of anyone.
5. What is the film trying to say about democracy? Why are no party names such as Democrats or Republicans mentioned in the

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