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  • Essay On Canadian Immigration

    The documentary will capture scenes from various angles of medium to wide shots of his workplace, at home, and other daily activities at his spare time. The interview will have a medium close up of the participant. This will capture a pleasant authentic view of…

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  • Analysis Of Dali: Love At First Sight

    documenting stories through a camera lens is and has become the forefront in logically defining the love at first sight conundrum. Notable documentaries on the science behind love at first sight include, Dali: Love at First Sight, Love at First Sight: America 's Affair with the Rose, Love at First Sight: A Micro-Documentary. Dali: Love at First Sight is actually a tour documentary of the city, holding the same name, in China to invite travellers that they will feel an overwhelming lust to want…

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  • Concrete Angel Analysis

    Sound is a key component to my documentary and film. The sound for this documentary will be very typical to a normal suspenseful medical film. The sound will not only include speech, but it will also include music, words and effects to help enhance the film. In addition, the film will include multiple sound elements, however most importantly natural sounds. This will include the beeping of the heart rate monitor, creaking of the door opening, and loud sound of footsteps. An important sound…

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  • The Campaign Of Alexander The Great Analysis

    and the documentary “In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great”, one can easily find the different perspectives that these two sources held. Unlike The Campaigns of Alexander, which is based on Arrian’s own perspective of Alexander and his conquest from Persia to India, the documentary In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great has a multi-perspectives from other countries. For example, opinions from Persia (modern-day Iran), Egypt, India and modern- day Pakistan are recounted in the documentary. As…

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  • Hearts And Thoughts: Film Analysis Of Hearts And Minds

    unexpectant of what is to come. You see the activities of farming, children running around, and other normal day to day activites. What seems as a calm and normal environment for villagers to live there lives has a unexpected future in hold. The documentary follows this by showing rare footage dating back to the mid 1900s of people who were interviewed in all sorts of subjects but the main topic seemed to be communism. You get to hear what I made out to be the opinions of some political…

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  • The Price Of Forgiveness By Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Analysis

    want to marry. When a girl does not obey her parents is shows disrespect, and ruins the family’s respect. Many of the girls are being punished for their actions, and some of them are murdered.“A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”, is a documentary, produced by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, talks about a story of a women named Saba. She is a 19 year old women, who dishonors her family, due to marrying a man. The marriage was not approved by father or mother, meaning it was an unapproved…

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  • There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane Analysis

    There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane Before watching the Documentary There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane I was unaware of the tragic car accident on Sunday, July 26, 2009 that claimed 8 lives. I had watched the documentary this past summer and was intrigued by the circumstances surrounding the accident. Although the consequences of Aunt Diane’s actions were disastrous, I was fascinated with the concept of denial, which showed its impact in respect to the family’s reaction to the event.…

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  • Loose Change Movie Analysis

    An example of a visual technique used in this documentary is manipulation in which they manipulate the facts and the memory recollections of the event to support their theory of what happened on September 11. These techniques help reinforce their image and appeal to the viewer. Another technique used is omission in which they omit some of the evidence and story recounts to make sure than viewers think they are completely correct. This documentary is biased and its authenticity is questioned as…

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  • Ethos In Blackfish

    In the documentary Blackfish, the director is Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and when she created the documentary, she used ethos, pathos, and logos to described how SeaWorld treats the killer whales. An example of pathos in the documentary is when SeaWorld went to go capture the baby killer whales from the wild, they would take the calves away from their mom by following the adult killer whales that they believed were the moms, so that the mother and the calf can use another path to escape, which…

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  • Analysis Of Tough Guise 2 And Miss Representation

    There is hope for a better reality of Americans when the few come together as a group, exposing themselves and others, and the documentaries Tough Guise 2 and Miss Representation speak to men and women and how they can change their bad gender image sold to them by the media. Tough Guise 2 observes men bred by the media to be leaders in America’s violent crimes. Miss Representation observes the role the entertainment industry plays in defining gender roles, but takes a closer look at what women…

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