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  • Summary Of The Declaration Of Human Rights Violations

    Which upsets me because these bullies were cruel enough to convince two kids in the documentary to commit suicide and one girl to grab her mother’s gun to try and “scare them off” which isn’t the right thing to do. You’d think somewhere along the lines of asking an adult to help you out and try to resolve this but not in this case. Which is…

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  • Made In America Moral

    states that the aural category of documentary aesthetics is strongly linked to images and because of this could be considered a secondary aesthetic. While I agree that documentary television was considered less aesthetically inclined during the early 2000s, I’d argue that recent television documentaries, like O.J.: Made in America, have reversed what Corner is suggesting. Edelman often allows the aural contents of the narrative to take the lead in parts of the documentary to produce an effective…

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  • What Is Lady Gaga Worth Watching

    Is Lady Gaga’s documentary worth watching? (-- removed HTML --) Since she broke into the music scene about a decade ago, Lady Gaga has always been a somewhat rebellious figure and an artist who has never felt the need to fit into any mold. She has repeatedly said she stands for those who are deemed “freaks” in their community. Gaga’s documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, gives viewers a raw and uncensored look at the person behind the star. The documentary tracks her life around the time…

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  • Letter Of Intent: Film Analysis

    In the documentaries “Bully” and “Letter of Intent”, both cover the subject of bullying in public schools and how it impacts people involved. Both films effectively use multiple rhetorical strategies to present their cases. The documentary “Letter of Intent” by Jared L. Cristopher was created with the purpose to support the idea that it is not schools that create bullies, but how you are raised that does. The documentary film by Lee Hirsch titled “Bully” on the other hand, was created in support…

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  • College Inc.: Film Analysis

    In College Inc., Frontline presents an informative, surprising, yet at times tedious documentary. The documentary provides the background in for-profit schools, while interweaving Michael Clifford’s motives towards reforming, and helping other for-profit schools maintain a sustainable income to succeed. College Inc. conveys information regarding their enrollment tactics, their unfulfilled promises of training, and the debt that accumulates with enrolling in these schools. Frontline successfully…

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  • Aesthetic Realism In Man On Wire

    Man on Wire is a documentary/ biography directed by James Marsh and starring Phillippe Petit. The documentary is over a Frenchmen (Phillippe Petit) that had a strange obsession and interest in tightrope walking. He started out tightrope walking just in his backyard; he built building like situations with a wire in between to get the actual feel of tightrope walking. Phillippe Petit was born in 1949 in Nemours, France, at the age of sixteen is when he discovered his passion for hire wire and…

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  • The Nature Of Things Essay

    treatment, using other brain regions to complete everyday tasks, and passing electrical currents through the tongue. These tests had miraculous results for the patients; as many participants stated, the treatments gave them ‘their life back.’ In this documentary, there are two men with autism who both made little to no eye contact, threw severe temper tantrums,…

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  • The American Promise By Idris And Sen

    academic studies and future career. The resources a family has can help a student academically. However, if a student lacks monetary resources or is having a difficult time with courses, this can hinder achievement. The main issue discussed in the documentary is the social issue of educational inequality, which dramatically affects people from all socioeconomic statuses and races. American Promise tells a story of opportunity differences depending on what resources a child can access, including…

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  • How To Survive A Plague Speech

    has been taking their lives away from your grasp and you know in your heart that any day now, this could be you. This is the case as seen in the documentary How to Survive a Plague. It is a documentary about how with the power of public speaking a group of people were able to make a change in the production and distribution of AIDS drugs. The documentary displayed the power of working as a group and with good public speaking skills anything you put your mind to can be accomplished. How to…

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  • What Is Miss Representation

    Many audiences are interested in watching Miss Representation which reflects how the media perpetuate stereotypical problem on women in today’s society. Through “Miss Representation” documentary, people understand why girls are always connected to pink and light colors, and women are assigned to be beautiful and submissive to keep their husband and their marriages. Many time these feminine stereotypes make women vulnerable and defenseless. Miss Representation is very persuasive to make…

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