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  • Rap: Looking For The Perfect Beat Analysis

    justice in the essence of hip-hop. The documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” validates the true meaning of hip-hop by explaining how hip-hop came about and what is truly means. The most significant aspect in the documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” is that it articulates how hip-hop is not something that stereotypically promotes gang affiliation, violence, and drug activity, but that hip-hop is essentially a unique form of art. The documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect…

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  • Corporate Crime Case Study

    where we see more corporate crime. These business strive for the bottom line and in doing so often go wrong somewhere along the line. (2. Next show how these factors can be used to understand the crimes illustrated in the documentary. Make sure to provide examples from the documentary as you build the argument that these factors help us to understand what happened in the case of Enron.) A lot of the problems with Enron stemmed from the man in charge of operations Jeff Skilling. Skilling was a…

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  • War In Afghanistan Film Analysis

    War in Afghanistan – Media Perspectives by Keren Ighalo The media source I liked the best was the documentary: Waging Peace on Canada in Afghanistan by Richard Fitoussi. This media source has the most information on its topic, it gives true facts on the events throughout the war, and the documentary doesn’t cut out any important information just because it isn’t dramatic or cinematic enough. The narrator’s voiceover is scripted and provides context for the on-screen picture. The video is shot…

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  • Film Analysis: The Fog Of War

    introduce his hindsight to these events. I believe the documentary was honest, and here…

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  • Teen Activism Essay

    inspiring messages in many ways. But, the most universal ways that they spread their messages are by documentaries, interviews and social medias. Teen activists can spread their message by documentaries. Documentaries can inform anyone about a story of a person. For instance, Alex Libby, a teen activist fighting to stop bullying, used a documentary to spread his message. He based this documentary on his true story of…

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  • The Magic Trip Analysis

    The documentary film, The Magic Trip portrays the 1960’s , it shows a “black and white picket fence world just stuck in the 50’s” It also shows the road trip that ultimately launched the hippie era. The hippie subculture, which began as a youth movement in the United States during the early 1960s and then developed around the world exploded in the 1960s. It allowed for an artistic outlet for those who didn’t comply with the norms of society. “Hippies” with their crazy colored clothing and…

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  • Analysis Of Hillbilly Elegy 'Chasing Heroin'

    never-ending cycle. Towards the beginning the documentary, Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland, made a statement: "We went from a country that used almost no opiate painkillers, like in the '50s and '60s, to being a country where we used 83 percent of the world's…

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  • Angela Davis 13th Amendment

    “13th”, a 2016 documentary, dives deep into details regarding prison systems in the United States. The documentary discusses the history of inequality as well. The title “13th” gets its name as reference to the thirteenth amendment. The thirteenth amendment states that it is unethical for one to become a slave; this documentary shows just how ironic it is that prisoners often times get treated as one. Though, some may disagree. In relation to this, the filmmaker makes an argument for the…

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  • Alaskan Salmon Analysis

    If I were to create a nature documentary, I would focus on the lifecycle and human-related difficulties of Alaskan salmon. This is because they are something I already have a fundamental understanding of due to my experience as both a recreational and commercial fisherman in Alaska. The documentary would be intended as an educational piece aimed at stimulating awareness and interest in salmon while also subtly advocating for greater protective measures on Alaska’s natural salmon runs. As such,…

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  • Analysis Of I Am A Girl By Rebecca Barry

    into culture and society. The documentary uses…

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