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  • Film Analysis: The Cliff Hangers

    information: a) the name of the documentary or short film Cliff The name of the documentary is called The Cliff Hangers. b) the year it was made The documentary was made in 1950. c) the website address The website address is d) the producer/filmmaker The film was produced by The National Film Board e) the length of the documentary or short film The total length of the video was 10 mins and 49 seconds 2. The documentary The Cliff Hangers is about a…

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  • The Tall Man Film Analysis

    technique is used, the audience feels sympathy for the Doomadgee family when they are being interviewed. During interviews, the camera slowly zooms in onto the faces of the interviewees creating suspense and an overflow of emotions. Throughout the documentary, archival footage from the court case about Cameron Doomadgee’s death in custody is used to unveil the truth. In the scene where Roy Bramwell gives his account on the 19th November 2004 in the police station, his evidence of what happens…

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  • Sleep Paralysis Analysis

    with the subject, Rodney Ascher became fascinated with the innerworkings of sleep paralysis. This obsession led to the creation of his critically acclaimed documentary, The Nightmare, in 2015. The Nightmare is told through the eyes of eight individuals who recollect on their past experiences with sleep paralysis. Ascher’s goal of the documentary was to persuade the audience that sleep paralysis is a horrifying and arduous condition that can happen to anyone…

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  • Pedroso's Pacific Film Analysis

    a one-week cruise, Pedroso and his crew identify passengers traveling on the cruise ship “Pacific” who video record their experiences; upon returning to Recife, they ask these passengers if they would be willing to hand over their footage for a documentary project. The director’s intervention is limited to editing material previously recorded for other purposes. However, structuring a narrative for the film turns out…

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  • Born Into Brothels Essay

    interviewed children throughout the documentary. Which is why they never interviewed the prostitutes or the parents of the children. Even though the movie was based on the children, insight from the prostitutes and parents would have given more insight to the audience. There are many pros and cons to the fact that the only the children were being interviewed. The pros of the children being interviewed are that since they are the main subjects of the documentary, they provide the audience with a…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Rhetoric

    intended to have a certain effect on the reader such as: happy, sad, curious, or even angry.Some examples of this technique can be seen in PBS News documentary, ”North Korea’s Deadly Dictator” which was published in October of 2017 and also, VICE News documentary “When VICE Met Kim Jong-un” published December of 2014. Even though these documentaries are about the…

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  • Searching For Sugar Man Analysis

    inspiration media performance. Each person interprets the messages throughout the film differently, there are also powerful messages and ideological values that were expressed. Utilizing the technique of ‘testimonials’ the documentary conveys an effective piece of media. This documentary is a surprising story of a shy man from Detroit, Michigan who thought he failed in the music industry but was really a huge sensation in South Africa. Everyone is different, comes from a different family, have…

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  • Super Size Me, By Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me

    Spurlock created this documentary to show audiences the effect fast food has on people’s health such as fatty liver, hypertension, diabetes and other dangerous health conditions. Morgan Spurlock curated the documentary in 2004 and uses many film techniques such as, actuality, direct and indirect interviews, participatory mode and many more. Consequently, these have an effect on the audience as the techniques help them connect with Spurlock’s point of view. In the documentary, the two significant…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Spurlock's 'Fast Food'

    He constantly confirmed his points by giving hard facts and supporting them with evidence. The most important facts in the documentary were so explicit because Spurlock presented them in an exciting and eye-catching manner to intrigue his intended audiences- mostly kids, young adults, and parents. He used graphs, charts, cartoons, and animations to efficiently display his data. For example, when Spurlock shows how much money food companies spend on advertisements per year, the animation was not…

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  • Summary Of The Declaration Of Human Rights Violations

    Which upsets me because these bullies were cruel enough to convince two kids in the documentary to commit suicide and one girl to grab her mother’s gun to try and “scare them off” which isn’t the right thing to do. You’d think somewhere along the lines of asking an adult to help you out and try to resolve this but not in this case. Which is…

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